Member A [on the phone]: Ko tak g KLCC ker malam nih?
ad3ck [on the phone]: hehe..takpelah..penat ar kejer..
Member A [on the phone]: Jom ar..budak2 nih sumer pegi..jumper kat Jelatek lrt station..
ad3ck [on the phone]: Tengok ar camner nnt..*sweat*

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: All The King's Men

Member B [sms]: Merdeka kat dataran ker?
ad3ck [sms]: Merdeka atas katil jer..hehe..ngantuk ar..
Member B [sms]: Tak remaje ar ko nih..
ad3ck: !Dang!

Now look, sambut merdeka memang kener g tmpt2 tuh ker? I remember last Merdeka celebrating kat KLCC, yang aku dapat penat jalan saner sini, pastuh lrt penuh time balik..

Nih da keje lagi la penat aku nak celebrate..nak tunggu kul 12 pn blom tentu lagi..hihi..


Tp bg aku yg penting is penghayatan kiter tuh kepade erti kemerdekaan..[ceh]

da, nak g tido..skang 11.30pm, klu aku tak tido lagi kul 12 nnt, aku tgk ar bunge api nnt..(bunge api dr klcc boleh dilihat dr rumahku..hehe)

  2 comments      Posted at 11:37 PM Wednesday, August 30, 2006
   Pemenangnya, Siti-Datuk K Or Mawi-Ina?

RTM and Astro joined forces broadcasting live the reality programme that brought together popular artiste, Mawi and his former fiancee, Ina last night..

At almost the same time, TV3 broadcasted live the so-called wedding of the decade of Siti, I mean Datin Siti and Datuk K at KLCC..

Now the thing is, which programme yg mendapat lebih perhatian semalam? Pagi tadi, tengok berita kat TV1, dorang ckp (after doing a survey) lebih ramai yang tengok Mawi-Ina pnyer program..hehe..tak tau ler..mungkin sebab dorang yg broadcast kot..;p..Korang camner? I did watch both sekejap, dalam 15 minit, then I slept soundly..:)

*updated* Owh ya, if you have time, please vote the following poll. Thanx..

  0 comments      Posted at 1:42 PM Tuesday, August 29, 2006
   Lagi Gambar Hantu..
Walaupun aku tak cayer hantu [wont believe until I see them with own eyes..:) but hey, I do believe perkara yg ghaib], aku ader post pic hantu in the previous posts (hantu1, hantu2).

On related horror thing on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Saw 3

Recently, ader dapat email dari Wan Mastura, again, gambar antu! Not sure whether it's real or edited one..You may decide that thing in red circle in the following pic (click on the pic to enlarge):

but I think I've received the pic about a year ago, so I bet most of you have seen the pic..Just wanna share with those yg blom tgk..

Pakdann: bukan tak ambil tahu usia sesuatu bahan..;p

Hah! chuak tak gambar tuh?
  0 comments      Posted at 12:23 PM
   It's 4 Now
Yesterday, was having a not-so-nice hari nih..bangun jer pepagi, dapat berita..Kak Ngah da selamat bersalin..Alhamdulillah..anak perempuan..

Aiman(my nephew) kini da jadi abang..jumper jer dier tadi:

ad3ck: Abang Long!! (gelaran baru)
Aiman: Aarrr! [marah tapi gelak]
ad3ck: Aiman, kesah ker tak?
Aiman: Aiman tak kesah!!

yer..4 anak buah da..cepat tul maser berlalu..arr..lepas nih makin susah ar nak main game maser weekend!
  0 comments      Posted at 12:01 PM Saturday, August 26, 2006
   What A Not-So-Good Day
Today (Friday 25/8/06) sucked. that's it..

satu: 9am-12.30pm
no internet connection in office almost a half day..could hardly blog find sources for lotussing..

dua: 6.30pm
maser kat Bangsar stop, was stuck in the lrt for almost 1/2hr, before all the creatures (including me, of course) were asked to get the h3ck out of the train, coz of some technical thing..there was a flash flood at Sri Rampai station that caused the problem..

tiga: 7.30pm
still crowded kat station tuh..aku gi cari surau nak solat Maghrib..sampai kat satu jalan, namer Lengkuk Abdullah kalau tak silap..nampak signboard "Surau Al-Hidayah, Bukit Bangsar, 200m"..*relief*..after a 200-meter walk, I seriously wouldn't believe my eyes..instead of surau, kuil plak kat situ..!Dang!..siap ader bunyi2 loceng plus org jual bunger..wth?..but then jumper surau after tanyer bukan kat tmpt yg sepatutnyer klu ikut signboard tuh..pelik, pelik..9.30 sampai rumah..

empat: 11.30pm
it's happening NOW! something's wrong with blogger server.

I cannot even write a post..rite now Im writing the post using Notepad..

12.30am ~ baru bley post..

gotta sleep now..hope that was just for today..

mungkin ader hikmahnyer ~> SABAR :)
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   The Matrix - Asia Version
Now this is what we call the Matrix in real graphic editings, no camera tricks, no extreme stunt performers..all done by ORDINARY people..hehe, memang mantap..;p

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: The protector

Watch it to believe it!!





"kangkung, kangkung!"..hahaha..thanx AGAIN to Lynn for the cool vid..;p

  0 comments      Posted at 11:20 PM Wednesday, August 23, 2006
   The Cool Future Ride
Ever wish you
1. didn't pay for parking fees?
2. didn't have to buy steering lock?
3. didn't worry at all about your car safety?

Now take a look at this vid [thanx to lynn for the vid], and you'll get the idea..

jap, tak abes cakap lagi..but only in your dreams..hehe..[j.K]

On somehow related topic:

The Sci-Fi Transformers movie will come next year on 7.4.7. They were once my favorite cartoon characters, and now will be alive..;p

On not-at-all related topic:

Siti Nurhaliza akhirnya kawen..;p..ARGH!!! melepas!!

"KUALA LUMPUR: Pop diva Siti Nurhaliza and businessman Datuk Khalid Mohd Jiwa tied the knot at the Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan in Jalan Duta here Monday morning." ...more

  0 comments      Posted at 11:20 AM Tuesday, August 22, 2006
   Again? *Topic Changed
At 3.15pm, I was finding out references for blogging developing the encryption addin program for lotus notes (yup, I depend almost 100% on forums and online tutorials, that's the reason why this project is pretty tedious..ARGH!!) when suddenly kak Ina approached and handed me RM10..

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Material Girls

ad3ck: thank you, thank you..
kak Ina: for what?
ad3ck: that RM10 ar..
kak Ina: paler otak ko (kak Ina's fav words, I guess..;p), cam tak biaser plak..
ad3ck: per? [wat2 tak tau..]
kak Ina: boss suruh beli rokok..
ad3ck: !Dang!

it's Friday again, I know I love Friday..:)

  0 comments      Posted at 3:15 PM Friday, August 18, 2006
   What's My Age Again? is the birthday..not mine..mine is 14/7..nor my blog was just created last March..

Guess wut? Yer, I am today a 1-year-old programmer!! yoohoo..

You: Really er? Congratulations!!
ad3ck: Thanx..
You: So, biler nak blanjer?
ad3ck: !Dang!

..jap, sesuai ker kek 'Happy Birthday' utk programmer satu tahun?

  0 comments      Posted at 11:21 PM Tuesday, August 15, 2006
   My Cubicle
This song by James Blunt I dedicate to all, especially who work..
thanx to Wan Mastura for the song..

other related topic bout employee on
Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Employee of The Month

the lyric:

My job is stupid,
My day's a bore,
Inside this office,
From 8 to 4.

Nothing ever happens,
My life is pretty blank,
Pretending that I am working,
Pray I don't get canned.

My cubicle, my cubicle,
It's 1 of 62,
It's my small space,
In a crowded place,
Just a six by six board booth,
And I hate it, that's the truth.

When I give a sigh,
As the boss walks by,
No one ever talks to me,
Or looks me in the eye,

And I really should work,
But instead I just sit here,
And surf the internet.

In my cubicle, my cubicle,
It doesn't have a view,
It's my small space,
In a crowded place,
I sit inside there too,
And sometimes I sit here nude.

Another freakin crap of the day..:)
  0 comments      Posted at 9:30 AM Monday, August 14, 2006
   Nice PC Fair Trip
I was proudly talking about the 2-in-1 position I have in my workplace, and did mention that I had to go to the PC Fair yesterday..It's an unbelivably nice trip..Accompanied by 3 friends(Pjo n her gf, Ana, and Pika), we were extremely HAPPY..Here are some great moments:

The subway between KLCC and KLCC..what a bad sign..There were so crowded with creatures even outside of the hall..

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Charlotte's Web

This pic illustrates us, stuck in the crowd, moving from a hall to a hall..there were 5 halls altogether, and we had to pass all to get the h3ll out from that took at least a minute to get 100m ahead..:)

I couldnt snap pictures inside the hall because I was simply like a sardine in a big sardine can..

but I did my work though, finding out stuff quotations they want..

On other topic:
I bought a 1gb Kinston thumbdrive with the price of RM69..Kire murah giler lar tuh..

No, I'm not mentioning those missing teeth..

Instead, the thumbdrive showed by Afiq..~:)

  0 comments      Posted at 2:42 PM Sunday, August 13, 2006
   2-in-1 Position
About a year ago I was offered to work as a blogger software developer a.k.a programmer. Yesterday I was unofficially assigned as a 'hardware guy' (is that the correct term?).

This position I hate love will hopefully sadly-to-say last till next week on Tuesday.

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: School For Scoundrels

That's it for now..gotta go to the PC Fair (where all the PC related products sold at actually more expensive than the normal price low price) to waste my time buy some stuff they want..
  0 comments      Posted at 12:39 PM Saturday, August 12, 2006
   A Funk-Tastic Guitar Play
I do think this kid is a great guitar player! The way he plays really doesnt match his age..simply cool..Check out..

And if you check at the youtube, you'll be surprised to see that this vid is the top ten most viewed vid all the time..pekh..memang best..

but hey! I can play even better than him..sajer jer malas nak tunjuk..

Ad by ad3ck (This is not a SPAM): What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: The Ant Bully

What? you ask me to stop the crap? I tell no lies ok..

You really dont believe a word I just said issit? fine..check out my guitar and you'll believe.. late 80s guitar's still's the first guitar I learn with, and it's the first guitar I know-I-can-play with..tapi kalau tgk ruper dier, raser nak hempuk kat dinding, pijak2 n l8r beli baru jer..hehe..

Ok ok..I take back that "I can play even better than him"..

  0 comments      Posted at 10:24 PM Tuesday, August 8, 2006
   I Won The Thailand International Lottery Program
I am so way H.A.P.P.Y to announce that I am the winner of the the Thailand International Lottery program! Yup, no lies..

You wont believe issit? Here is the proof..I got this email recently and I'm right now just sitting and waiting for the money to be banked the following:

The you-change-my-life email starts here:


Att:Dear Sir/Madam,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners
Thailand International programs held on the
21/02/2006. Your email address attached to ticket number :EL-40212 with
serial number:EL- 241072, batch number:
EL-75,lottery ref number: EL-413 and drew luckynumbers 9-7-0-30-11
which consequently won in the 2nd category.
You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out ofUS$550.00 (
FIVE Hundred And Fifty Thousand United
States dollars). Due to mix up of some numbers and names, we ask that
you keep your winning information confidential
until your claims has been processed and your money remitted to you.
This is part of our security protocol to avoid
double claiming and unwarranted abuse of this program by some

All participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn
from over 40,000 company and 20,000,000 individual
email addresses and names from all over the world. This promotional
program takes place every year. This lottery was
promoted and sponsored by group of successful electronic dealers.we
hope with part of your winning, you will take part in
our next year US$20 million international lottery. To file for your
claim, please contact our paying officer:
Contact Person:

Dr Perry More (Lottery Director)
Tel: 66-4637-1516,
FAX: 66-3063-390

Remember, All winning must be claimed not later than 28th Of November
2006. After this date all unclaimed funds
will be included in the next stake. Please note in order to avoid
unnecessary delays and complications.
please remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all
correspondence. Furthermore, should
there be any change of address do inform our agent as soon as possible.
For being part of our promotional
program, the entire members of staff say congratulations once again.
Note:Anybody under the age of 21 is automatically disqualified.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.Suzan Gerard,
For Management
The you-change-my-life email ends here..

Ad by ad3ck (This is not a SPAM): What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Night At The Museum

All I had to do was reply to the contact given in the email, here is what I wrote in the reply:


D4mn, not again..the Spam n scam thing!! This is the 2nd spam email that I got that asks me to throw my money away..This one is even more dangerous(if you dont know its a scam) compared to the 1st email I got..D4mn Scammers!!
  0 comments      Posted at 8:52 AM
   More Wedding Pics..
OK..Semalam berlangsungnyer majlis kahwin akak aku belah semalam tak baper penat sebab umah lelaki tuh setaman jer beb..hihi..kalau da jodoh tak ke maner..

Pasangan bersanding..Warna tema kali nih, biru, berbanding minggu lepas..kaler kuning..n maser majlis apis, ungu (refer kat bawah)..

So, what's next? Sumer adik beradik atas aku da is me lar, per lagi, hehe..n soalan yang paling kerap aku dengar dalam 3 majlis nih is

PakCIk/MakCik: Hah Min, ko biler lagi?
Aku: [menggunerkan idea orang]Tahun depan..
PakCIk/MakCik: Hah? biar betik?
Aku: Erm, tullar..
PakCIk/MakCik: Tahun depan?? ~terkejut..
Aku: Erm..tahun depan sambung blajar..hahaha
PakCIk/MakCik: !Dang!

hehe, at least 3 kali aku kenerkan orang ngn jawapan camnih..hehehe..


jap belum lagi..just nak share lagi sket gambar pasal the 'inai thing'..gambar kat bawah menunjukkan gambar tangan akak aku berinai..hehe..cantik tak..

Ya Tuhan, tersalah upload plak..sorry, sorry..yang kat atas tuh gambar tangan aku(tiru idea Ado..hehe)..The following baru ar gambar tangan akak aku berinai..

  0 comments      Posted at 1:55 PM Sunday, August 6, 2006
   Another Zidane-Headbutt Tragedy
Forwarded by Aizat, this video tells how influencing is the incident of Zidane headbutting Materazzi..In the last related post, they were making fun of the incident..but h3ck, for this you-are-about-to-see vid, I'm not sure if they are, as well, making fun..

This is getting serious man..;p
  0 comments      Posted at 12:17 PM Saturday, August 5, 2006
   Apis & Shida Get Married (Pics Version)
Yer..aku ader cakap nak post sket pics majlis kawen akak and abang aku in the last post. Maser aku wat post nih: Sabtu 5/8/06, 11.30am..tgh hari nih kul 2, majlis Shida belah lelaki plak..pekh, 3minggu kawenthon beb..hihi..Nway, here pictures I took last w!k:

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: The Simpsons Movie

Kedua dua pengantin berjalan menuju ke pintu masuk dewan..

Cam kenal jer budak yang pegang bunga manggar nih..

Muler dudok kat meja V.I.P..

Termenung jap sebelum makan..hihi

Lepas makan and jumper sumer orang, upacara potong kek..cheh, pakai pedang tuh..kihkihkih..

Antara member2 yang datang..

Nan, Jongos Hafiz Fahaza, Aie

  0 comments      Posted at 10:26 AM
   I Am 'Lotus'ing
I got this new project to put an encyption addin in Lotus was assigned about 2 weeks ago and was asked to be completed in 3 months..

You: I dont know what the h3ck you are talking about..

Sorry, sorry..I should have firstly at least briefly introduced bout this..

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Miami Vice

Lidis, the company I work in is developing/mantaining an easy-to-use encryption utility that protects e-mails and files from being viewed by unauthorized people (get more here..I'm promoting this company By the way I am not promoting anything!)..To make the long story short, we have put an addin in the MS Outlook so that a user can simply use the encryption tool directly in it..

The thing is, I was assigned to put the encryption tool addin in the Lotus Notes, an email organizer like Outlook, developed by IBM..I was trying to use Visual C++ at first, but was having some difficulties when no replies to the questions I asked in the IBM forum (yup, I almost 100% depend on such forum when programming)..I figured out then that most of the Lotus/Domino developers are using LotusScript to modify/add in programs..

H3ck, what's the conclusion then? If I choose to use VC++, I dont think I can complete it in 3 months without helps..Yup, alternatively, I have to learn the LotusScript that I've unbelievably never heard before! NICE..and yeah, I have to start from A..

That's it..I Am currently blogging 'Lotus'ing..Owh, if you have time, please vote the following poll..thanx..

  0 comments      Posted at 10:38 AM Thursday, August 3, 2006
   The Fr3akin Spammin Scammer
Three times I received this email by the fr3aking spamming scammer before I got fed the h3ck up..I replied with the words "not interested at all" plus all the things I felt at that moment..guess what? He replied back with a 'swarm' of bad words..Waddah3ck was that? you think people are gonna join you if you are with that fr3akin attitude?


The following is the message I did receive..

Ad by ad3ck (THIS IS NOT A SPAM ;p): What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Monster House

The message starts here:
From: "Shawn Yeoh"

hi ,my name is shawn from KL, i work in a french company called DCHL, at the moment i am looking for business partners to run a spa franchise business, we are in the lifestyle/beauty industry and is currently expanding to other parts of asia. We are located next to KLCC and our company has a monthly turnover of 32 million.

This is a genuine proposal and professional business, The spa market is definately huge, 2.5 million alone went towards renovating the spa, it is a 5star spa and we operate and are globally link in 9 countries in south east asia, This is NOT skim cepat kaya/fast money! I am looking for people who are willing to invest time and effort, it is a profitable business and I will say there is no big investment/no direct selling! i need dedicated partners to build and market this business! There is no time frame, this business can be part time/full time, the income is good ranging from a few thousand to 5figures, it is a great opportunity so plz e-mail me- or 012 3270 791, I invite you 2look at my company so we can discuss further, thank you.
The message ends here..

What? Why do I call him a scammer? Check Antilampberger, then you'll know why..for more info, you can find other forums/blogs/articles discussing bout this in Google with the keyword of DCHL..I haven't found any sites saying good things bout it so far..hmm..

Owh ya, before I go, here is some useful tip:
If you get this kind of fr3akin email, dont simply join it first using the Google (that's more than enough). As an alternative, ask your friends if they know..

Yeah..that is Information Technology..

You: Thanx ad3ck! you are the genius..
ad3ck: Owh come on, dont mention are welcome! ;p
  0 comments      Posted at 9:57 AM Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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