Pemenangnya, Siti-Datuk K Or Mawi-Ina?

RTM and Astro joined forces broadcasting live the reality programme that brought together popular artiste, Mawi and his former fiancee, Ina last night..

At almost the same time, TV3 broadcasted live the so-called wedding of the decade of Siti, I mean Datin Siti and Datuk K at KLCC..

Now the thing is, which programme yg mendapat lebih perhatian semalam? Pagi tadi, tengok berita kat TV1, dorang ckp (after doing a survey) lebih ramai yang tengok Mawi-Ina pnyer program..hehe..tak tau ler..mungkin sebab dorang yg broadcast kot..;p..Korang camner? I did watch both sekejap, dalam 15 minit, then I slept soundly..:)

*updated* Owh ya, if you have time, please vote the following poll. Thanx..


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