Again? *Topic Changed
At 3.15pm, I was finding out references for blogging developing the encryption addin program for lotus notes (yup, I depend almost 100% on forums and online tutorials, that's the reason why this project is pretty tedious..ARGH!!) when suddenly kak Ina approached and handed me RM10..

Ad by ad3ck: What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Material Girls

ad3ck: thank you, thank you..
kak Ina: for what?
ad3ck: that RM10 ar..
kak Ina: paler otak ko (kak Ina's fav words, I guess..;p), cam tak biaser plak..
ad3ck: per? [wat2 tak tau..]
kak Ina: boss suruh beli rokok..
ad3ck: !Dang!

it's Friday again, I know I love Friday..:)


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