Semlm Teep teman ku pegi survey tmpt keje baru. I mean tmpt keje yang still lagi under consideration. Company A. Located at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), the place is about 1 km away from the nearest LRT Star station, Bukit Jalil. It takes about 1 hour gak laa dari rumah ke situ klu naik public transport. LRT Putra ~> LRT Star ~> Feeder Bus. !dang!

Company A

Eh, silap..

Enterprise 4, where Company A is at.

We then went to Sg Wang and guess what? I bought a W580i which i've been looking for quite some time. Tau, dulu ku ade ckp nak pki Butterfly tuh smpi 20 tahun. Bkn takmo, tp phone tuh esek buat problem je. Smpi ade skali tuh:

in a phone conversation
bunyik pelik *krek krok krek*
member: apasal phone ko neh ade bunyi bising2?
ad3ck: err mane de, ok je? tah2 phone ko yang rosak.
member: !dang!

Padahal mmg betul hphone ku yang bunyi ehehe.

I decided to buy then.

Love this new monster

Love this one oso. Sentimental tuh ;p.

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   3 on Friday
1 Arituh ko amek gambo ku tido ye? overdose clorets ye? arr yang neh gambo ko mase overdose pengat pisang yang client provide tuh. padan muke ehehe.

Erme tido tak cover.

2 She(bkn Erme!!) and I watched Jumper yesterday. It's all about this character having an exeptional ability of teleporting anywhere he wants. A group of Paladins is hunting him (and people like him) and killing em for some reason. The story is about how he survives and how he manages to save the ones he loves. Best. 3.7 bintang.

3 I thought Company B I talked about days ago has cancelled the offer of employment to me. Yesterday they called me and confirmed the offer letter. So I claimed it this morning and told them to decide later. Sekarang ku dalam dilema balik!!

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We are having the User Acceptance Test (UAT) at client site, A-ARE-B. Around 20 people are assigned to test the system we develop. It is scheduled for 3 days which is supposed to finish tomorrow (We dont think so!).

The users

Mat-cham biasa and as expected, more change requests are proposed which obviously will extend the project timeline and give us, the developers less tido time, thanx to mama pm. Sampai bile nak abes pong ku tak tau.

What do I do during the UAT?

Bukan pe, tak ckp tido ehehe. Dia neh yang amek gambo ku.

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Yesterday was Zakie(one of my collegues)'s last day at the company I work at. So long and good luck to Zakie!

Zakie standing in back, rightmost

* * * * *

Pagi td ku ajk mak pegi jogging but ended up ku yang ikut mak pegi join program kursus dia. Lame gak ku tak pegi program2 cenggini. Last time was when I was in U la kot hohe. So i thought why not skali skala.

1 Konvensyen Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan (PIPP)

Mak and her friend registered on behalf of Persatuan Puteri Islam Malaysia. Err, ku dpt pass tuh pong kire sebagai wakil Puteri Islam gak ehehe.

They mainly discussed the plan to improve education in Malaysia by studying factors like social, economy, school conditions, teachers and parents (PIBG). Kate pnceramah tu 2 kunci yang perlu dititikberatkn yaitu pembangunan modal insan dan pembinaan institusi keluarga cemerlang. Ku terhangguk-hangguk tido tande faham.

The talk

Me writing down some notes

After lunch (burrrp!) we left the event and went for the second.

2 Karnival Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM)

With Y Bhg Dato' Dr. Ma'amor Osman, the Setiausaha Agung of PPIM

Selain ceramah pasal kesedaran kepentingan produk halal, ade gak gerai2 yang disediakan kat luar yang jual produk2 halal by PPIM tuh.

And skang ku da ngantuk tapi tahan mata gak sbb ade B.I.G match malam neh!!!

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   Valentine's Day
I believe almost everyone knows what day is today (14/2). Ye, Valentine's Day. Some of us do celebrate the day but hey do you have any idea where did Valentine's Day come from?

Tak tau? Haku pong tak tau ahahaha.

So I decided to do a little quick research.

Besides the info I get here and here, I also read a newsletter dated today from my guru. It's a version I've never heard before so just nak share.

"..back in about the year 270 A.D. or so, there was a priest named, you guessed it, Valentine. Some versions of the story said that he was a Bishop. Either way.

In those days the Emperor needed men for his army and he decided that it wasn't good to have men marrying up with women... because then the men would be more attached to their families than the army.

So, the Emperor OUTLAWED marriage.

Yep, he said, "It's illegal to get married".

Those were the days, huh?

OK, so Priest and/or Bishop Valentine decided that he was going to help young lovers out by marrying them in SECRET.

Well, the Emperor got wind of this business, and put a stop to it in a "New York Minute".

So, here's Priest/Bishop Valentine sitting alone in prison and who comes along? The super-babe, young daughter of the jail owner's daughter... and, of course, he falls in love with her.

One version of the story I read said that she was blind and he healed her of her blindness.

In any event, right before his execution (yeah, they killed him for performing marriages), he wrote a letter to this girl he was in love with and at the end signed it "From Your Valentine".

And then he was executed.


So apekah erti Valentine's day bagi ku? Valentine's day ialah hari khamis ahaha.

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Got this funny email from a friend. Here it goes:

* * * * *
Following is the picture. Observe it carefully and select right option

a) who's sleeping,

b) who woke up,

c) who's happy,

d) who's sick,

e) who's drunk.

* * * * *

Now to those yang slalu panggil ku sepet,

I'm not that sepet right? Ahahahaha.

I'm busy now. Ye, bkn je kerje on CNY, but this wiken oso. Cheh.

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   Happy Chinese New Year!
We celebrated Fieda's ehehehem-th birthday yesterday and she was happy and we had a great time there at TS. Hehe, to Fieda, Happy Birthday! semoge panjang umur & murah rezeki.

Fieda with gifts.

Fieda with horns haha.

We then watched this musical movie Sweeney Todd. I was pretty bored and almost sleeping mase awal2 cerite sbb esek nyanyiii je but bile da kat tgh2 sket baru nampak story flow and those freaking scenes really kept me awake to the end of the movie. Scene ape? u watch it! Best.

I'll be working on CNY holidays.

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