Antaradua 2
Thanx for giving opinions in the previous post hahaha. Duadua kaler mndapat undi yg almost sama. But after considering, I decided to pick the black one out.

Now this is another antaradua thing I must choose immediately. Yes, only one of the two. It's more important than those jerseys. It's about my future.

I had a phone conversation this morning and this Company B is offering me a job. The thing is, I've already submitted the offer letter to Company A days ago. And what this Company B is offering is making me think twice. Of course there are pros and cons:

1. Company A is a Berhad, Company B is a Sdn Bhd.

2. Company A offers a position of a team member, Company B offers more on leadership.

3. Both A and B offer salary I expect. And both offer almost similar benefits.

4. Company B is x km from home, Company A is 3x km from home.

Please let me know what do you thiiiiiink!

Question: Kalo da sign/anto offer letter, can I simply (or what should I do to) cancel it?

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   Antara 2
PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE NOW. This is the dilemma I'm in since the past 4 days which I must choose only one of the two.

Dua2 cantik. Dua2 chun. Dua2 menawan hatiku. Dua2 ku geram bile tengok.

It's a hard decision really. It's like lagu Ukays that sings
"Kalau ku pilih di sini, apa kata di sana? Kalau ku pilih di sana, di sini akan terluka."
ahaha .

Dolah: Eh bukan ko da ade si dia* ke? Tak cukup ke satu?
ad3ck: Mane cukup. Aku kan pencinta**.
Dolah: Inilaa lelaki.
Buaye Darat: Apsal ko tak amek dua2 je?
ad3ck: Setahun satu laa. Mane larat nak handle kalau banyak ngat***.
Karina: Ko tak baik laa, tak kesian ke yang satu tuh?
ad3ck: Alaa, ku still sayang dia macam dulu. Cuma lepas neh chentaku kenelaa berbelah bahagi supaye adil.
Karina: Ko neh gentleman laa.
ad3ck: Please dont mention.
Dolah & Karina: Yang mane orangnye? Tunjuk sket?
Buaye Darat: Ha'ah, cepat sket.
ad3ck: Neh haa.

ad3ck: Bukan orangla. Jersey.
Dolah & Karina: !dang!
Buaye Darat:

Hitam ke Merah? Tell me wut do you thiiiiiiiiink!

* Baju M.U lama
** I'm an M.U fan
*** Mane cukup duit!!!

Fyi abangku jual jersey. Chun semuenye. Siape berminat nak beli, sile buzz. Terima kaseh.

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   Free Parking
After considering my questionable future in the current company, I decided to leave. Da anto resignation letter weeks ago. Earlier this week, the new offer letter was ready and I will be at the new place on 1st of April.

Semlm pegi HR dept company baru. I usually take public transports to get to office but I drove yesterday. Lepas anto offer letter ku brgegas ke opis agak lambat but luckily ade parking free kat luar tepi jalan.

Parking free. siape tak nak? In fact, you also get free sticker if you park your car there the whole day. Check out my car:

Dont worry the sticker is gummed using Gam Cap Gajah so tak trcabut walaupong hujan/angin kuat.

Click to read

Igt senang nak cabot? Kene pki air pastuh gosok kuat2 br ilang.

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And if you would call me your sweetheart, I'd maybe then sing you a song.

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   2 Round Bowling
We, the Songees, spent last Sunday hanging out bowling at Gagal Berjaya Times Square, thanks to Suzi, the organizer. The place's quite convenient and what's more important to me personally is the spacious hall with dozens of lanes. Bukan per, kalau bola masuk longkang tak ar jadik tumpuan ramai ngat hehe.

Me releasing the ball. Gaye tuh da ade (ade ke??) tapi hampeh esek masuk longkang je.

It's been a long long time since the last time ku main bowling. Dorang pong sama. So we agreed to go for another round. The next day bkn main lenguh lagik bkn tangan je malah satu badan.

Err larat ke tuh Teep? ;p.

The participants - Meen CR, Teep, Marini, Fieda, Suzi and Kamarul.

We had a great time there. Jom Bowling (kalau berani)!

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   Tag Lagoo
Salam Maal Hijrah semue. Semoge tahun baru neh mmbawa lebih banyak kberkatan and kebaikan untuk semua!

Atas prmintaan pminat2 semue (cheh padahal cik dosh n cik hana je yg tag name ku. ;p) ku wat tag ini.

Put Your Player On Shuffle. You Answer The Question With The Song You Got. Don't Cheat, Even If It Doesn't Sound Right!!!

You're Best Friend Punches You In The Arm, What Does He/She Say?
Siti Nurhaliza - Bisakah
mmg brbise ko tumbok! ;p

Your Crush Bumps Into You At School, What Does He/She Say?
Acha susahnakeja - Berdua Lebih Baik
chewah. neh nak gado ke nak berchenta? ;p

You Worst Enemy Walks Up To You What Does He/She Say?
Dewa - Dua Sejoli.

You Are Walking Down The Street At Night When Stranger What Does He/She Say?
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
Hello ku lelaki ok!

You See Your Pet, What Do You Say To Him/Her?
The All American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
ku mane de pet pong.

Your Favorite Teacher Comes Up To You, What Does He/She Say?
Papa Roach - Forever
oo. ok.

Nak tag saper plak?
1. Cik Dosh
2. Cik Hana


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   Year 2008
First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008! May your life ahead be full of happiness and prosperity burger.

Err am I too late? Lek ar baru hari ke-3 hehe.

So here's my azams and wishes yang ku pong tak tau boleh trcapai akalmu ke tak:

1. Nak kurangkn monthly expenses (thn lepas pnye azam pong cenggini gak tp kureng brjaye).

2. Nak beli handphone baru hohe. Bkn pe, handphone ksayangan ku tuh esek wat problem je lately.

3. Nak carik kerje baru bekerje dgn brsungguh2. Dan kurangkn tido semase di opis! Astaga bdk neh.

4. Nak kawen

4. Investo~

5. Beli rumah (Are you kidding me?)

I got a call this morning and it's a way good news. Thank Allah.

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