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Teep & i spent the Christmas holiday berpacaran di KLCC watching Enchanted and di Taman Tasik Titiwangsa enjoying the night view of the KL city (tak nmpak semue pong). Bkn pe, mase natal neh la yang paling seswai nak naik ferris wheel neh yang hanye akn ade kat situ smpi akhir tahun neh je. Plus I might be busy on weekend! These are some of the memorable moments:

The Watersky Show. Projector displays pics on a wall of water

Ehem. Eheeeeem.

Hinilaa awekku. Bkn yang baju putih kat belakang tuh!!

Cubaan mmbawe blk Ferris Wheel

Jom Eye on Malaysia!

  0 comments      Posted at 12:20 AM Friday, December 28, 2007
   What Is Up?
1. Busy gile carik kerje baru bekerje skang smpi thp kerje on weekend. Yes, both Saturday and Sunday.

2. M.U won 2-1 with both goals scored by Ronaldo.

3. Baru dpt Raya 07 big family pics. Nice. Find me out (kalau berani).

Dont click the pic.

4. Angaubangaulangau.

5. I have 2 interviews tomorrow. Wish me L.U.C.K!!

  0 comments      Posted at 10:37 PM Sunday, December 23, 2007
   The Interviewee
I had a number of interviews lately. Tak tau le result nye camner. Dari semue interview yang ku pegi neh, I started to learn something new (at least to me). Neh ku nak share ar sket.

Besides making pre-interview preparations like making your resume up-to-date, studying the company's profile like products/solution yang depa wat, or ber-doa, you also need to do well while in the interview.

How? I guess semue da tau basics like brpakaian kemas, be calm, tunjuk baik, yakin and jawab semue soklan yg diberi dek interviewer(s).

But what I'm going to tell you now is a killer way to draw interviwers' attention and at the same time to actually control the interview session. It is by asking questions. Yes, by asking questions. Do ask whenever you feel like asking, bukan mase dia tanye 'Any questions?' je but anytime ko rase seswai nak tanye especially when the conversation stops awhile. You might feel abit nervous/chuak bile nak tanye but once you do it, ko akan rase interview tuh macam ko yang punye. The more questions you ask, the more you feel like controlling the session. Sampai rase ko macam interviewer pong ade hehe. Try it yourself. Bile? Mase ko gi interview lah!

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4 reasons why I'm in a way good moood this work week:

Liverpool and ARSE-Sengal's unbeaten run ended in the latest gameweek.

Teep, me and friends watched My Chemical Romance Live in KL woooh teruje gile tak igt. Band favorite neh hehe.

The show started abit late at around 815 and took about 1 1/2 hour. Walaupong suare Gerrard Way tuh agak tak sampai and a bit fun-chit, tp still masuk and pitching tak lari. I had a big great time there!

The best pic taken. Maklumlaa ku kat free seating zone je hehe.

I had an interview this morning and everything went well. Written and practical test pong dpt dijwb dgn baik dan lengkp. Hehe padahal ade satu question tuh ku tak tau ku sms member and luckily he replied quick. Pastuh utk practical test plak ku smpt tgk note dlm thumbdrive sbg reference.

Esok cuti!!! Ape? Ko tak cuti? Oo yer, Selangor jer yang chuti hehe. padan muke.

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   My Best Friend's Wedding
One of my best friends mase mude2 dulu (please excuse me, skang pong mude lagi k) mase kat MRSM Langkawi t'lah melangsungkn hari perkahwinannye last sunday. He was one of roomates ku yang byk brkongsi kesah suke duke hahaha.

Geng mat bunge.

The attendees

As usual, soklan feveret bile pegi majlis kawen: "Hah, ko bile lagi?"

Mcm da biase, ku jawab dgn confident: "Tahun depan.."

Konfem dia tanye balik: "Hah! Biau pembetuln?"

Ku jawab: "Tahun depan smbung blajo.."


Semoge ko bahagie sehingge ke anakcucu.

  0 comments      Posted at 11:15 PM Monday, December 3, 2007

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