I'm sure most of us have heard of this 15 minute movie about Quran named Fitna. It's been on the news these recent days. Da tengok movie dia? Neh:

part 1

part 2

Obviously this leads to Muslims' anger around the world and I have no idea what will happen next. My personal thought on this though, we, as Muslims, are supposed to explain to them (the movie writers and those who wonder) what those Quran verses (mentioned in the movie) mean. Yes, Geert Wilders is right with the verse translations. But he is, can I say, naive, that he doesn’t fully understand the true meanings of the verses as well as the whole surah like why those verses were sent down by Allah etc.

Ku taklaa bagus ngat dalam bende2 cenggini tp just nak share what I feel that's all.

p/s: Will be at the new place tomorrow. Perasaan chuak+gumbira+risau+tak sabar bercampur-campur huhu. wish me LUCK!

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   Happy Tree Friends
My bro downloaded full episodes of Happy Tree Friends the animated mini shows which I had no idea (I never heard before) what it's all about until I got a chance to watch it.

With the friendly beginning and all the cute, cuddly characters, I personally thought it's for small children.

But heck I then just realized that almost every episode actually has blood and violent death scenes. Ngeeee.

Tapi lepas tengok byk2, cam best plak hohe. Pernah tengok? Watch Happy Tree Friends here. Or download a sample here (right click, Save Link As..) and you will love it ha ha ha.

On not-at-all related topic, kitorang celebrate birthday mak(25/3) and abah(1/4) semalam at Pha-Pha Garden resaurant. Best dan sedap.

To mak and abah, semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki.

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   Salam Terakhir
Yesterday(25/3) was my last day of working at xybase (da kuar baru bleh gtau company name eheh). I learned a lot here, from technical to management, from position to politic, from friends to backstabbers. But I must say it's a memorable experience to have worked here especially to have those wonderful friends. Semlm the whole day ku control macho sedih gak laa huhu.

Tmpt tido Workstation ku

Simbolik pemergian

Me and colleagues had a lil farewell celebration having lunch at Carl's Jr. Burger beso. Best.

And after work, guess what? I got PUNK'D!! Bang Bang Boom ahaha. Depa neh plan pedajal ku dgn care lap campuran telur rebus + milo dr gelas tak basuh + limau mandarin raya cine punye + blablabla kat ku. That's gross! Habes baju Rain ku ahahaha. Chibeng budak2 neh.

Lps kejadian. You guys got me so good

We then watched Shutter, cherita hantu yang tak baper chuak mengesahkan seorang perempuan yang dianiaya semase hidupnye mmbalas dendam semase di alam rohnye.

It was a great day. I had fun.

It's been way great working with you guys. Thanks semua. And sorry for everything. SEE YOU.

Related posts tentang ku cewah:
1 Shafiq - the making to pedajal ku.
2 Zaid - makanmakan at Carl's Jr.
3 Erme - pesanan ringkas.
4 Nany - again makanmakan. And pedajal.

You guys rock!

oh ye, ku tau siape mastermind yang pedajal ku tuh. biau ku plak jd Shutter ha ha ha.

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   Final Conclusion
I was having a dilemma on choosing only one of 3 options of job offers the other day. After all-out consideration on every aspect, I've made the decision which I believe one of the hardest.

So, dari tige2 neh..

eh silap2..camne boleh trsilap upload plak neh sori2..

I pick no 2, which is company B. Neh slepas amek kire semue bende trmasuk gaji dan bonus (aspek yang paling penting hehe), benefits, location wise and company prospects.

25/3 (birthday mak ku) will be my last day at current company.
1/4 (birthday abah ku) will be my first day at the new place.

oh ye, my current company was on the news recently. just nak share.

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   Blog Top Commentators
Lindosh mskkn widget yang nge-list-kan top commentators kat blog dia. Ku brminat. Ku tanye dia camne dia buat tp dia takmo gtau sbb ku ckp dia mengada2.

Dsebabkan perasaan hengen tau, ku brusaha gak carik camne nak letak widget tuh and akhirnye jumpe source*nye.

So here it is, the list of me-blog top 20 commentators. Rase cam best lak. Rase cam liga bolasepak pong ade ehehe.

Siape yang no 1 di akhir season nnt ku bg hadiah ahaha.

View Top 150

*source ku dpt dr blog Lindosh punye source ehehe. Trimas to Lindosh, jgn marah Lindosh yang poyosh! ;p

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After a long time of working and working I finally managed to have a short break..

a beautiful, relaxing scenery

 the meeting room.

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   Tagged Weekend
Atas prmintaan pminat2 Upon requested by ruru n debbie, ku buat tag2 neh ehehe.

of Ruru:

Handphone brand: Sony Ericsson w580i
Body colour: Black
Default tone: Default phone tone
Screen Saver: None
Advantages: I shaking up my music
Why it’s so important to you: To connect, of course.

of Debbie:

Are you a morning person?
Yes I am though I'm quite late to work lately

Think of one person, stick with it. You don’t have to say their name. Would you pick them up alone 100 plus miles away if it was your birthday?
Why would I?

Give two reasons why you get distracted in work
Websudoku, Blog.

Would you rather go to Tokyo or Paris?
Skang? Tokyo sbb my bro kat sana

Do you have a guitar in your house?
I once had.

How long can you go without your mobile phone?
5 seconds?

Where’s your mobile phone?
Yang ko sebuk nak tau tuh kenape?

I'm tagging who?
you and you ahaha. padan muke.

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Today was Harina(testing engineer)'s last day of working. Dia kire salah sorang dr team members ku yang selalu raise OR (Observation Report) .

We celebrated the farewell at Thai Express (bukan name bas maupong pos laju!!) at The Curve (first time sampai the Curve )

Harina sitting in center

To Harina a.k.a Amoyie, Good Luck!

On other topic, after work, I was heading to my car which was parked by the road side (maklumlaa nak parking free) when I saw this unusual attraction on my purply bumble bee (translation: kancil burok).

Well guess what, at top of the car radio antenna, seseorg t'lah letak bunge raye. I was kind of surprised dgn kejadian tu and was thinking apekah maksud di sebalik bunge tu??

Adekah ia merupekan warning dari dia to not park there ataupong dia sengaje letak kat situ sebab nak ngorat ku suka2? Ataupong sbb Jai yang panggil ku mat bunga?

I didnt remove it though and just drove home with the flower remain there hehe. Tp trcabut and terbang di tgh jln .

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   Pilihanraya Umum 2008
So did you vote? How was it? It's such an interesting occasion especially to people like me-self yang merupekan kali pertame turun undi (read: muda). Byk gak perkare baru yang ku baru tau, like Pondok panas, Saluran and Peraih undi.

At my place, mgkn sbb ku kuar tgh hari sket, tak ramai ngat org.

Everything went smoothly..

..except for unexpectedly this, few days before the election day, kejadian tak diingini telah berlaku.

Berlaku kat aku. Kes simbah cat gak.

Ye, bukan ketua SPR tuh je kene, ku yang takde kepentingan politik neh pong kene. Tp bukan gate laa, kereta.

Prbuatan pihak tak brtanggungjawab.

Inilaa bahananye kalau parking bawah pokok.

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Lately ku sering merase lapar semacam. Biasenye waktu petang, mase balik kerje. It's not that I don't eat while working, in fact ku biase sangat mengepow makanan rakanrakan sekerje selalu gak makan utk alas perut. But I still get hungry especially while on way back home.

Mase neh tgh lapo yang ampoooon

I quite months ago felt the same thing (lapo melampau) which after having a checkup, I was actually suffering from Gastric, it's a kind of cancer, ku pong baru tau after doing a little research. More about Gastric

So just nak share, some of the symptoms I was experiencing:
1. Kite akn berase lapar yang amat sangat tetibe.
2. Selalu berase sakit bhgn upper abdomen (atas perut).
3. Sampai satu tahap tak lalu makan, kadang2 muntah.

Of course one of the ways to prevent Gastric cancer is by managing your waktu makan.

So kesimpulannye, klu ku pow makanan engko tuh ade sebabnye ehehe.

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   Monday Blues, But Reds Won Again
Why I'm on Monday Blues?
1Tak cukup tido.

2To be honest, I'm getting sick and tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired working on this never-ending keep-changing-and-changing project. Like many say, it's because of poor management and i believe it's true.

Pure-pure buat kerje mase Kak Meg try my phone cam.

3I got a call from this company (Company C). They want me immediately and are willing to pay current company. Am still waiting for the letter. Klu dpt insyaAllah kerje kat sini. I'm still considering though. What about the other 2? !dang!

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