Today was Harina(testing engineer)'s last day of working. Dia kire salah sorang dr team members ku yang selalu raise OR (Observation Report) .

We celebrated the farewell at Thai Express (bukan name bas maupong pos laju!!) at The Curve (first time sampai the Curve )

Harina sitting in center

To Harina a.k.a Amoyie, Good Luck!

On other topic, after work, I was heading to my car which was parked by the road side (maklumlaa nak parking free) when I saw this unusual attraction on my purply bumble bee (translation: kancil burok).

Well guess what, at top of the car radio antenna, seseorg t'lah letak bunge raye. I was kind of surprised dgn kejadian tu and was thinking apekah maksud di sebalik bunge tu??

Adekah ia merupekan warning dari dia to not park there ataupong dia sengaje letak kat situ sebab nak ngorat ku suka2? Ataupong sbb Jai yang panggil ku mat bunga?

I didnt remove it though and just drove home with the flower remain there hehe. Tp trcabut and terbang di tgh jln .


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