Valentine's Day
I believe almost everyone knows what day is today (14/2). Ye, Valentine's Day. Some of us do celebrate the day but hey do you have any idea where did Valentine's Day come from?

Tak tau? Haku pong tak tau ahahaha.

So I decided to do a little quick research.

Besides the info I get here and here, I also read a newsletter dated today from my guru. It's a version I've never heard before so just nak share.

"..back in about the year 270 A.D. or so, there was a priest named, you guessed it, Valentine. Some versions of the story said that he was a Bishop. Either way.

In those days the Emperor needed men for his army and he decided that it wasn't good to have men marrying up with women... because then the men would be more attached to their families than the army.

So, the Emperor OUTLAWED marriage.

Yep, he said, "It's illegal to get married".

Those were the days, huh?

OK, so Priest and/or Bishop Valentine decided that he was going to help young lovers out by marrying them in SECRET.

Well, the Emperor got wind of this business, and put a stop to it in a "New York Minute".

So, here's Priest/Bishop Valentine sitting alone in prison and who comes along? The super-babe, young daughter of the jail owner's daughter... and, of course, he falls in love with her.

One version of the story I read said that she was blind and he healed her of her blindness.

In any event, right before his execution (yeah, they killed him for performing marriages), he wrote a letter to this girl he was in love with and at the end signed it "From Your Valentine".

And then he was executed.


So apekah erti Valentine's day bagi ku? Valentine's day ialah hari khamis ahaha.


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