Creating Animated Gif in Less Than 1 Minute
The other day Fieda asked me how to create animated gif. So here goes again a new tutorial on how to Create Simple Animated Gif in Less Than 1 Minute.

1 Open Adobe Photoshop, create new file with the following settings:
Width: 100 px
Height: 100 px
Color Mode: RGB Color 8 Bit
Background Contents: Transparent

2 Type word 'a' in red.

3 On menu, Click Window>>Layers to view Layer pallete. Right click on the layer, select "Duplicate Layer..."

4 Click the eyeball icon to hide bottom layer (the first layer you created previously).

5 Change text color on other layer to blue.

Now you have two layers of word 'a' with different color. To make animated gif we need to use ImageReady.

6 Click on "Edit in ImageReady" button on toolbox.

7 In ImageReady, klik Window>>Animation to view Animation pallete. Create new frame (second frame) and select the other layer on the second frame.

8 Click File>>Save Optimized As... and name your gif file.


For another example, see the new image added in my CBOX Smilies list. :D

Good luck and have fun!

Anonymous cyberzul wrote
nice sharing bro..i like your tutorial its simple and clear keep this good work "Sharing is Caring" :-)

Anonymous Amim Blog wrote
Nice tutor :D

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