The Unfortunate Weekend
Ku t'lah mengalami hari2 yg tak baper best this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday. And both involved cars.

After mlawat pakcik kat hospital, ku, mak and abah were on the way back home and there was a car yg actually tak bg ku curi jalan dia. Dsbbkan ego ku yg nak menang gak, ku t'lah trlanggar a Merz (Yes, a Merz) dr blakang.

"Siape driver" ko tanye?

Me and mak were heading back home after jogging yang memanchitkan. It was unfortunate bile bkn ku je yang panchit, tayar keter ksayanganku tuh pong panchit lps ku trlanggar pe bende tah like besi/kayu tajam kat tgh jln.

Now what does all this mean? S'lain mngajar ku supaye lebih bersabo next time around, crap like lucky 8888 is never worth to believe. Ye, percaye Tuhan instead.

eh nak g mane tuh? tungguuuuuu!

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   Tag O
Atas prmintaan ramai (cheh padahal cik hana je yg ngetag) ku buat survey ini.

* * *

Your Profile

First Name - Awie Sembilu MM

Nickname - ad3ck

What do people normally mistake your name as - Moo Hye Meen (sbb igt ku chinese )

Birthday - July 14th 1983. Sile sediakn hadiah hehe tak2 jk.

Birthplace - HKL

Single or taken - taking

Zodiac sign - Cancer

Your Appearance

How tall are you - 168.5 cm, klu msk rmbt skali 170 cm

Eye color - Green, I mean black

Natural Hair color - Black

Glasses or contacts - Spek ku da ilang! Kat surau plak tu


Flower - Mat Bunga haha

Color - *

Word - Microsoft Word

Junk food - Mamee Slurp

Website - <~ gile syok sendri bdk neh

Animal - Kuce-heng

Your biggest fear - Lipas dlm blk mase tgh tido

Do you play any sports - Ye, bola. FIFA07 hehe

* * *

Who would you like to tag?
Tag Hananimonai balik hehe

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I got this email subjected Age Character Calculations recently. I believe some of you have got this kind of emails before. Ku personally da byk kali dapat. But still bukak jugak. It's a small age calculation system yang require you to insert your dob and display how many years sampailaa miliseconds of your age.

I was surprised when i insertd my birthday this time though.

Insert dob.

Click enter and the result is displayed.

Yes, today (19/11/07) is my 8888th day of age. Lawa tak nombor neh? Will it be my lucky day today? ok2 cut the crap.

Get here and check out how many days have you lived. ;p.

Thanx to Mr Don for the email.

  0 comments      Posted at 9:14 AM Monday, November 19, 2007
   Pak Chik Kayo
2008 will be my lucky year I guess. Really, I've won several end of year awards and lotteries in recent days without a single effort. Tak sabarnye nak claim.

Cut the crap.

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   Stardust & The Annual Event

We watched Stardust on Saturday. Kesah ttg seorg loser yg akhirnye berjaye mendapat bintang (Yes, mendapat bintang) melalui beberape siri pengembaraan in a magic/fantasy world. Best. Watch it. I rate this movie 3.75 out of 5.

The Annual Event

I was bloody bored on Sunday so decided to clean up my room yang hanye dibersihkn stahun skali tue. It took about 4 hours to first sweep off dust and unwanted stuff on the floor, vacuum habok and sawangs, and finally mop the floor 2 times. Ko hengat senang keje neh??






Tgh2 kemas tuh macam2 bende yg mmpunyai sentimentol sentimental value ku jumpe. In fact bende2 tuh yg nyebabkan lambat kerje siap sebenarnye hehe. Here are some of them:

Patient band (tul ke istilah neh??) mase kene denggi dulu

Nametag Hotel Nik*o ku rembat mase keje kat sane.

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   Open House Raya
Ku dtemani Teep t'lah ke umah Djidjah [read: Jijah] on last Saturday. We on the way to Klang were stuck in the heavy traffic yg dtambah dgn hujan yg agk lebat. So smpi lmbt sket. But it's great to finally meet kawan2 U dulu yang hanye jumpe sethn baper kali je disbbkn kebizian & commitment masng2 kpd kerje. And lg brbaloi bile dpt mkn yg best2.

at Jieja's house

2-second break

Break ends

On Sunday plak bersame family ke open house my bro Apis kat Flora Damansara. Lg skali makan tak hengat.


ko pong nak jugak masok gambo ke?

On other topic:
A friend forwarded this joke. Siot jer. (Lwk xbaik utk ksihatan)

seorang anak cine bertanya kpd ayahnya
anak: ayah, ni daging apa?
ayah: daging babi
anak: daging apa?
ayah: daging babi nak
anak: daging apa?
ayah: daging babi sayang
anak: daging apa?
ayah: daginglah BABIIII !!!

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