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Atas prmintaan ramai (cheh padahal cik hana je yg ngetag) ku buat survey ini.

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Your Profile

First Name - Awie Sembilu MM

Nickname - ad3ck

What do people normally mistake your name as - Moo Hye Meen (sbb igt ku chinese )

Birthday - July 14th 1983. Sile sediakn hadiah hehe tak2 jk.

Birthplace - HKL

Single or taken - taking

Zodiac sign - Cancer

Your Appearance

How tall are you - 168.5 cm, klu msk rmbt skali 170 cm

Eye color - Green, I mean black

Natural Hair color - Black

Glasses or contacts - Spek ku da ilang! Kat surau plak tu


Flower - Mat Bunga haha

Color - *

Word - Microsoft Word

Junk food - Mamee Slurp

Website - ad3ck.blogspot.com <~ gile syok sendri bdk neh

Animal - Kuce-heng

Your biggest fear - Lipas dlm blk mase tgh tido

Do you play any sports - Ye, bola. FIFA07 hehe

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Tag Hananimonai balik hehe


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