The Songee Meeting
We were having a great fast-breaking gather together last Sunday at Arena, One Utama. It's been quite a while since the last songee meeting so, bile jumpe semue, mcm2 cherita kuar. Thanks to Fieda, the organizer, for making the meeting go well and smooth. Not forget to the CR yg baek tue.

Mase buke.

Waffle as the dessert. Thanks to Mr K for the treat.

Model2 poyo hehe.


Owh ye one more thing. I'm currently addicted to Sudoku. At first I thought it was just a simple puzzle but when I gave it a try, it's pretty challenging. There are several levels and mestila ku wat yg easy dulu. ;p.

Here is the fastest time I made in my first ever 3 games:

Not bad la kan for a beginner? padahal average time utk easy adelah lebey kurng 5 minutes je.

Berani? Cubelah Websudoku.


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