A Merdeka Post
First off, Happy 50th Merdeka! Semoge keharmonian berkekaln. What's more important is the appreciation of the independence itself and not just the celebrations. But that doesnt mean you cannot celebrate hehe.

Events on the Merdeka break:

On 30th of August (Merdeka night), berlangsungnye majlis pernikahan my cousin Anep. What a memorable date.

Anep (in pink) in the pernikahn process dkerumuni jrgambar2.

Ku tak ketinggaln taking some pics using Butterfly haha. Trimas to my bro ipar for the pic. ;p.

Was at home at 12am, 31th August.

tEep n me went to Dataran Merdeka on 31st morning watching marching bands n formations. Memule ku ajk dia jogging. Pastuh dia ckp tringin plak nak tgk perarakn Merdeka. alasan ta nak jogging la tuh hehe. I thought why not. So followings are some of the pics:

Sgt ramai org.

Tarian kanakkanak representing pelbagai kaum/bangsa

Marching Bands:

Kereta Berhias:

T.A.R on the car??

Otromen, Debik & Titi hehe.

Grown-ups fight machine hehe.


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