First Product
First off, special thanx to Marini (again) for the birthday (still) treat. Ku berasa sgt trharu dan gumbira ade kwn cam dia (rase nak muntah dgn ayat sendiri).

Owh ye. M.U won the Community Shield last night. ;).

More than a year ago, ku diarahkn pakchik ku utk develop a family portal/website. It was a huge resposibility to me. But I thought it's the time to give a contribution even a small one. But heck, mase tak ngizinkan ku utk start wat portal disbbkn commitment to work and everything. So until now the site is still in progress. They've agreed as the portal domain name. Takyah klik, blom siap lagi. is my first product of web based application. ;).

One more thing. The waiting has finally paid off. She (bukan Marini!!!) is 'officially' mine. <~ curi simbol neh kat blog Achik hehe.


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