Puzzle Mania (Part 1)
Welcome to the 3-part Puzzle Mania.

If you are interested to join this competition, do consider the terms.

1. You are not allowed to give more than 3 answers in a Part.
2. You are at the moment not my classmate. haha.
3. You MUST give the answer(s) in the comment section below. Any answers in the cbox wont be entertained..;p
4. Please INCLUDE your name, at least not anonymous.
5. If there are many correct answers, who gave the answer FIRST will be considered as the winner of the Part.
6. Who answers all the 3 parts right will be considered as the PUZZLE MANIA winner!

Prize awaiting the PUZZLE MANIA winner:
Rahsia - will be sent direct to you.



Question: The figure above shows a chess board. How many squares are there?
Motivation: Think smart, not hard.

  0 comments      Posted at 7:50 PM Thursday, December 28, 2006
   Are You Really Malaysian?
You: Yes, I am..

ad3ck: If you really are, where did the rhythm of Jalur Gemilang originate?

ad3ck: Ko tak tau?

ad3ck: Aku pon tak tau hahahaha!


ad3ck: ok, ok..tak..aku pon tak tau sebelum neh, tp a friend citer kat aku. Ritma/nada lagu Jalur Gemilang tuh berasal dari Amerika..it's a song named Mamula Moon, from Hawaii.

You: Memandai jer ko..bukti?

ad3ck: Here is the song:

ada gak sumber mengatakan lagu tuh berasal dari Indonesia, from a song named Terang Bulan..Not sure bout that..

Kalau nak (kalau tak nak sudah!), get it here. Alternatively, view source jer ler..

Da, ku nak tido. Penat, siang tadi jadi penanggah (first time seumur hidup dengar word penanggah) kat majlis kawen sepupuku..

  0 comments      Posted at 8:13 PM Sunday, December 24, 2006
   Movie Reviews
Dont give up now~! You have gone quite far to get the answer asked in this post. click here. You can do it haha!

Da 2 tahun lebih aku tak tengok wayang (bukan CD cetak rompak!). The last movie I watched was Spiderman 2. Last week ku pecahkan rekod tuh tengok Casino Royale. Semalam with adik-beradik and anak buah, tengok Cicakman. Hehe, like other bloggers do, ku pn nak wat review gak.

Tiket Casino Royale ku tengok bersama si dia.

Movie 1: Casino Royale

What I personally think:
  • Just another 007 movie.
  • Jalan cerita 007 yang typical.
  • 'OK lar' jer.
What they say:
  • One of the trainers: "The worst Bond movie I've ever watched."
  • A girl friend: "The best James Bond I've ever watched, err, I mean Daniel Craig."

I rate 2 1/4 stars.

Movie 2: Cicakman

What I personally think:
  • Satu improvement, especially the CGI techniques and effects. Not bad.
  • But again, jalan cerita melayu yang typical, satu babak minor amek mase yang lama. They could have done better.
  • Lebih sesuai untuk kanak-kanak.

I rate 2 stars.

  0 comments      Posted at 3:27 PM Sunday, December 17, 2006
   Status: Happy
After more than a month ku join trainee program neh, 2 significant changes yg ku alami:

1. Dah tak cam banduan..no more pointing fingers, no more daily meetings, no more tomorrow-is-the-dateline assignments, and no more you-do-my-work tasks..:)

2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S yang bertambah. plus awek yang ramai haha! Orang cakap kawan biar seribu. Plus, friendly colleagues and experienced trainers. Senang nak wat diskusi. [was having very limited chances untuk tambah kawan before sebab the working environment]


By the way,

Thanx to dorang neh sbb ajak ku join picnic semalam. Really appreciate. :)

Menghadap peminat2 yang tak sabar nak autograf. ;p

at Kencing, eh..silap, Kanching.

  0 comments      Posted at 11:00 PM Sunday, December 10, 2006
   The 2 Eyes
Got a quite interesting email today. It reads:

Do you know the relationship between two eyes..? they blink together, they move together, they cry together, they see things together and they sleep together BUT THEY NEVER SEE EACH OTHER.. that's what's friendship.


Dodol perisa pandan, bukan musang pandan! thanks to Marini. Sedap wey.

But when a beautiful girl comes in front, one eye goes blink and the other remains open.
Moral of the story: Girls can break even the best of friendships.

no comment. btw, do comment..just nak tau korang nyer pendapat. ;p

Just nak share the proof dat I was a good employee..:) (click to enlarge)

  0 comments      Posted at 10:07 PM Monday, December 4, 2006

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