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Da 2 tahun lebih aku tak tengok wayang (bukan CD cetak rompak!). The last movie I watched was Spiderman 2. Last week ku pecahkan rekod tuh tengok Casino Royale. Semalam with adik-beradik and anak buah, tengok Cicakman. Hehe, like other bloggers do, ku pn nak wat review gak.

Tiket Casino Royale ku tengok bersama si dia.

Movie 1: Casino Royale

What I personally think:
  • Just another 007 movie.
  • Jalan cerita 007 yang typical.
  • 'OK lar' jer.
What they say:
  • One of the trainers: "The worst Bond movie I've ever watched."
  • A girl friend: "The best James Bond I've ever watched, err, I mean Daniel Craig."

I rate 2 1/4 stars.

Movie 2: Cicakman

What I personally think:
  • Satu improvement, especially the CGI techniques and effects. Not bad.
  • But again, jalan cerita melayu yang typical, satu babak minor amek mase yang lama. They could have done better.
  • Lebih sesuai untuk kanak-kanak.

I rate 2 stars.


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