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Found this cool stuff. After reffering back to The Me Face, I apparently look more like Japanese..muahaha!!

You want some proof izzit? here:

According to the system, I am 71% alike to Matsumoto Jun, the highest percentage if compared to other celebrities..and he is Japanese..wahahaha!!

Ok lar, cut that crap..just nak share this technology called The Face Recognition which was developed by MyHeritage.

I run the face recognition using other pics of mine. Here are the results:

Well, believe it or not, I abit look like Mawi..Muahahaha~!!!

The highest is Leon Lai..owh OK..;p

Try it's cool, really..;p

To do it, go here.

or, if you need a step-by-step guide:
1. Go here.
2. Register.
3. Click @ 'Face Recognition' link (or 'Find the Celebrity in You' link).
4. Upload your picture (it works best with Passport pic etc). If possible, resize your pic to a smaller one, to make the upload process faster..
5. Click 'Run Face Recognition'.
6. When it's done, click @ the 'Cool Options' and choose 'Collage'..just follow the instructions & you're done..:)


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