Because I Was Bored!
This weekend I was boring bored so I spent most of the time editing my blog..Here are some changes I made:

please be noted: I created this post because I was boring bored too!

1. Background:

2. Flash Banner:

me is a flash beginner case you havent seen it, refresh the page and see at the banner's a about-4-sec movie..

3. Search Engine (so called?):

No..I didnt get the idea to design mine here (muahaha!):

4. Toolbar

Now I opened the page using Internet Explorer but the result was disappointing..not as I expected..It's apparently best viewed by Firefox..

Last and least (muahaha~!), if you got time, please vote the following poll..thank you!!

*update: Blogflux server got problem, so here's the new one, yang da vote, please vote again..Thanks~!

Create polls and vote for free.


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