Youtube Grabber
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired Youtube-ing with having to wait for the vids to stream first?

If No, you can stop reading this post now..thank you..:)

Now if you answered Yes, I bet you are one of the Youtube-aholics that visit the site at least once a day. I just got this cool 'gadget' for 'grab'ing the vid you want to watch, and guess wut, you can save that vid in your own folder!

This thing is called Youtube Grabber, a program that converts the streaming Youtube vid to a .flv vid..

How Does It Work?

1. Get the URL of the Youtube vid you want to convert..

Fig 1: Copy the URL in the browser's address bar

2. Now paste the URL in the Youtube Grabber URL textfield, and simply click the button named "Grab!" (Get Youtube Grabber)

Fig 2: Paste the URL and Grab!

3. Wait until the progress bar reaches maximum, and that's done.

Now the .flv file will be stored in the same folder where you store the Youtube Grabber, automatically. To play the .flv file, use the FLV Player Demo. (You know you can get it free. ;p. Buzz me if you dont~!)

It's as easy as ABC. Now try it yourself and stop wasting time waiting for streaming vids.


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