What I'm Currently Programming
Yer..just wanna share my pain what Im currently doing in my cubicle office..yup, programming..specifically, Lotus Notes programming..using Visual Basic 6.0,

calling some of the Notes objects to be executed and controlled by an external application..the final result should more or less look like the following:

Heck, for almost 2 months, I wasnt getting much..like I wrote in the last post, I dont think I can complete it in less than 2 months now, ME-SELF (yup, I was assigned to complete the project myself, with no experience at all in Lotus Notes..).

By the way, the pic below simply shows the current result I'm getting~!

Right now, I am finding out sources/helps/guides from experts..and at the same time, cari kejer lain!! hoping for miracles~!

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