Lagi Gambar Hantu..
Walaupun aku tak cayer hantu [wont believe until I see them with own eyes..:) but hey, I do believe perkara yg ghaib], aku ader post pic hantu in the previous posts (hantu1, hantu2).

On related horror thing on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Saw 3

Recently, ader dapat email dari Wan Mastura, again, gambar antu! Not sure whether it's real or edited one..You may decide that thing in red circle in the following pic (click on the pic to enlarge):

but I think I've received the pic about a year ago, so I bet most of you have seen the pic..Just wanna share with those yg blom tgk..

Pakdann: bukan tak ambil tahu usia sesuatu bahan..;p

Hah! chuak tak gambar tuh?

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