Nice PC Fair Trip
I was proudly talking about the 2-in-1 position I have in my workplace, and did mention that I had to go to the PC Fair yesterday..It's an unbelivably nice trip..Accompanied by 3 friends(Pjo n her gf, Ana, and Pika), we were extremely HAPPY..Here are some great moments:

The subway between KLCC and KLCC..what a bad sign..There were so crowded with creatures even outside of the hall..

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This pic illustrates us, stuck in the crowd, moving from a hall to a hall..there were 5 halls altogether, and we had to pass all to get the h3ll out from that took at least a minute to get 100m ahead..:)

I couldnt snap pictures inside the hall because I was simply like a sardine in a big sardine can..

but I did my work though, finding out stuff quotations they want..

On other topic:
I bought a 1gb Kinston thumbdrive with the price of RM69..Kire murah giler lar tuh..

No, I'm not mentioning those missing teeth..

Instead, the thumbdrive showed by Afiq..~:)


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