I Am 'Lotus'ing
I got this new project to put an encyption addin in Lotus Notes..it was assigned about 2 weeks ago and was asked to be completed in 3 months..

You: I dont know what the h3ck you are talking about..

Sorry, sorry..I should have firstly at least briefly introduced bout this..

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Lidis, the company I work in is developing/mantaining an easy-to-use encryption utility that protects e-mails and files from being viewed by unauthorized people (get more here..I'm promoting this company By the way I am not promoting anything!)..To make the long story short, we have put an addin in the MS Outlook so that a user can simply use the encryption tool directly in it..

The thing is, I was assigned to put the encryption tool addin in the Lotus Notes, an email organizer like Outlook, developed by IBM..I was trying to use Visual C++ at first, but was having some difficulties when no replies to the questions I asked in the IBM forum (yup, I almost 100% depend on such forum when programming)..I figured out then that most of the Lotus/Domino developers are using LotusScript to modify/add in programs..

H3ck, what's the conclusion then? If I choose to use VC++, I dont think I can complete it in 3 months without helps..Yup, alternatively, I have to learn the LotusScript that I've unbelievably never heard before! NICE..and yeah, I have to start from A..

That's it..I Am currently blogging 'Lotus'ing..Owh, if you have time, please vote the following poll..thanx..


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