The Fr3akin Spammin Scammer
Three times I received this email by the fr3aking spamming scammer before I got fed the h3ck up..I replied with the words "not interested at all" plus all the things I felt at that moment..guess what? He replied back with a 'swarm' of bad words..Waddah3ck was that? you think people are gonna join you if you are with that fr3akin attitude?


The following is the message I did receive..

Ad by ad3ck (THIS IS NOT A SPAM ;p): What's new on Hot-in-Here Movie Trailers: Monster House

The message starts here:
From: "Shawn Yeoh"

hi ,my name is shawn from KL, i work in a french company called DCHL, at the moment i am looking for business partners to run a spa franchise business, we are in the lifestyle/beauty industry and is currently expanding to other parts of asia. We are located next to KLCC and our company has a monthly turnover of 32 million.

This is a genuine proposal and professional business, The spa market is definately huge, 2.5 million alone went towards renovating the spa, it is a 5star spa and we operate and are globally link in 9 countries in south east asia, This is NOT skim cepat kaya/fast money! I am looking for people who are willing to invest time and effort, it is a profitable business and I will say there is no big investment/no direct selling! i need dedicated partners to build and market this business! There is no time frame, this business can be part time/full time, the income is good ranging from a few thousand to 5figures, it is a great opportunity so plz e-mail me- or 012 3270 791, I invite you 2look at my company so we can discuss further, thank you.
The message ends here..

What? Why do I call him a scammer? Check Antilampberger, then you'll know why..for more info, you can find other forums/blogs/articles discussing bout this in Google with the keyword of DCHL..I haven't found any sites saying good things bout it so far..hmm..

Owh ya, before I go, here is some useful tip:
If you get this kind of fr3akin email, dont simply join it first using the Google (that's more than enough). As an alternative, ask your friends if they know..

Yeah..that is Information Technology..

You: Thanx ad3ck! you are the genius..
ad3ck: Owh come on, dont mention are welcome! ;p

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