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Inspired by Penyubiru's request, I made a little R&D and found out there's a way to view Top Commentators of The Month. It's by using new (I guess new lah, tak tau la klu ku neh da ketinggalan ) Yahoo! feature, Pipes. And the good thing is, this widget is way suitable for all blogs, including Blogger/Blogspot.

I actually learn from several sources, so don't thank me, thank those free sources.

Now, introducing Top Commentators of The Month. Generate the script by filling up this form.

After filling up, click Customize button and then Add to Blog button.

Check out the widget sample below in the Champions League section. Please tell if you've put in your blog, I want to be your Top Commentator Of The Month .

Pssst, klu ade problem sile bitau.

At the moment, 10 and only 10 commentators can be in the list. I'll figure out how to make it dynamic.


Anonymous Precious wrote
Huhuhuuuu ... saya wat tak menjadi lar. Saya wat 'Intan Payung Bulanan', customize dan add to blog tp tak kuar apa2 ... naper? sedey ...

Blogger ad3ck wrote
Pastikan dalam blog url tuh tak dimasukkan 'http://'..

Blogger Rahman Zarim wrote
Saya dapat paste dan berjaya lakukannya...Itu untuk apa bro..saya tengok satu window kosong je...

Terima kasih

Anonymous broFami wrote
trimas sudi konsi tips yang berguna ni, nnti saya cuba buat ek..

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