Poor WFB

Arituh ckp psl Kancil. Arineh after work on way home dia wat hal. What happened was this kereta kesayangan had a clutch failure mase ku betul2 berade di T-junction dan bersedia utk masuk main road. Clutch failure bermaksud gear juge gagal berfungsi. Gear gagal berfungsi, nak jalan macam mana?

Sebbaik dekat dgn workshop n kereta ku dijangke dibaikpulih by esok.

So (referring to 10-Year Mission) I think I need to do a lil addition here,

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But I did learn something from it. Blk2 chiter kat abah, dia ckp dia pernah kene camtuh 2 kali, walaupong rosak clutch, the car can still move by matikn engine, masuk gear 2 (or 3), then start the car balik, and the car moves with you drive it without using the clutch. Kire jadik automatic ar. Tp takleh tukar gear while driving.

So if in the future it happens to you, drive the car to the nearest workshop instead of being panic like I was.


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