Are You Drug Lord?
Have you tried this game?

Your goal is to earn as much money as you can by buying and selling drugs in your place, Austin USA or several other known cities around the world, by shipping the drugs or simply bringing them along in flight. Of course you need protection tools like no-scent cans, bullet proof vest or even guns to avoid yourself and the drugs from being busted/seized by the police.

Drug Lord print screen

Beat my score, neh baru kali ke 2 main

You are the drug lord if you manage to survive for 55 days and earn more than 15 million dollars. You will love it if you love doing business ventures. It's the best small-sized game (780k) I've ever played. Try-lah.

Features (from
-Six available ranks. You start off as a wannabe and with luck and skill can work your way up to Drug Lord.
-Many cities, each with their own market.
-Loan sharks to lend you money.
-A wide array of weaponry to fight off those who come after you.
-Graphical history of drug prices for each city.
-Drug vaults for when you don't want to take them with you.
-Drug price viewer that shows the price of a drug in every city.
-Easy-to-use user interface.
-Fun cheesy sounds!

Warning: Druglord is 95% totally addictive, it might get you distracted when at work. LOL.

Download here. It's free.


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