Black Ice
Being one of the executives, I am required to have a company cellphone to communicate to particularly colleagues in low rates (it's free in fact) and what's more important, no excuses when I'm needed. This tells that I need to be ready and at all time in standby mode. Especially on weekends. This also tells that I need to bring two phones wherever I go. ngee. Berat poket bukan sebab duit huhu.

Black Ice Samba version. Klu pda tak pe gak

But hey, there are advantages of having this Black Ice, besides getting free RM150 airtime a month, I have the option of choosing which phone to use to call my friends and family with lower rates, since I'm using Maxis number and the Samba is of Celcom number.

And I also can make a gotcha! call a.k.a panggilan hangit. Siape da kena angkat tangan? Hehehe. Yang belom kene jgn gelak, because the next victim could be y.o.u

So skang ku ade Samba, dgn..

eh mane lagi satu neh?

Cheh. Gamer-kid rupenye.


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