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I'd like to take this very opportunity to wish

Get Your Stickrs Here

to you. Yes, you, the one reading this right now, you lah! who else is here other than you? the rest have gone for raya already hahaha.

Sorry kalau ada salah pe2. Jangan simpan dalam hati. Simpan dalam peparu dah laa. 0-0 eh?
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Hari tuh berbuka kat Holiday Villa yang di sponsor oleh company. Tapi bukan kesedapan maupong kuantiti makanan yang banyak yang ku nak cerite kat sini.

It's about this oyster yang ku makan. Disebabkn perasaan ingin rase yang amat sangat, ku amek seekor. Rupenye yang nampak sedap memang menjana seleraku.

Tetapi bile mula makan, ku mula bau hanyir, mase tuh semua isi oyster tuh da penuh dalam mulut, ku terus kunyah sehingga pecah isinya, dan lidahku merasa cecair2 yang dihasilkan selepas membuat gigitan.

Serious aku nak termuntah. Orang semeja semua tgk ku, 2 dari dorang mula gelak.

Fikiran ku mula melayang ke 1)Mase ku muntah mase mencandat dulu 2)Mr Bean yang makan oyster busuk dalam satu dari siri-sirinya. Ku mula menghala mulut ku kat kawan ku yang gelak supaya hotel tak kotor.

Ku guna kuasa minda untuk mengawal rase muntah, dan mula membayangkan ku berada dlm rancangan Fear Factor dan berade di peringkat Final utk $100k.

Ku berjaya telan oyster tuh.

CEO yang dok semeja cakap 'kalau nak makan oyster kene telan terus, jangan gigit'. Ku balas, 'saya gigit sebab nak rase'.
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   Puzzle Mania Season 2 Stats

Puzzle Mania Real Time Stats:

PartStatusEnd DateWinner
Part 1Finished | View Puzzle | View Result12 Oct 08Dzuhriah
Part 2Finished | View Puzzle | View Result18 Oct 08Penyubiru
Part 3Finished | View Puzzle | View Result27 Oct 08Cekago

Read Terms & Conditions.
  0 comments      Posted at 10:00 PM Thursday, September 25, 2008
   Puzzle Mania S2 Terms & Conditions
First off congratulations again to the winners of Puzzle Mania Season 1.

Now welcome to the Puzzle Mania Season 2. I'm very glad to finally begin this ha ha ha.

You might want to consider:

1. The contest is open to all bloggers/readers/whoever you are.
2. It consists of 3 parts. You can only submit ONE ANSWER in a part. More than 1 answers will get you out of the game part. No negotiations.
3. You MUST answer in the comment section. Any answers in cbox/email/SMS won't be entertained.
4. Please INCLUDE your name, at least not Anonymous. But if your name is Siti Anonymous, please tell.
5. First come first serve. If there are many correct answers, who gives the correct answer FIRST will be considered as the winner of the part. Don't blame me if you answer correct in the 87th comment but not considered winner.
6. Very Important (keep this in mind): Be very sure you answer in the right puzzle part which the subject of the post is written as 'Puzzle Mania S2 Part n' with n is the part number (1,2, or 3). Each puzzle part is expired when new post is published.
7. Who wins all the 3 parts will be the PUZZLE MANIA SEASON 2 winner!

Prizes awaiting the PUZZLE MANIA Season 2 winners:
Grand Winner (Puzzle Mania Season 2 winner): Cash prize of RM100.
Part Winners: Mystery gifts.
Consolidation Prize Winners: Mystery gifts.

Tell your friends and family about this. Ask them 'Where else can you earn easy money if not at' hahahaaha. ;p.

The first part will be up sooner than you think. If you think it's in next year, it may be in this year, if you think it's on October, it may be on this month. If you think it's on next week, it may be on this week. If you think it's on tomorrow, it may be on today. If you think it's on next hour, it may on right NOW! And it's going to be B.I.G. Be prepared.
  0 comments      Posted at 12:20 PM Wednesday, September 24, 2008
   Why Do I love Blogging?
Besides getting to know more friends, learning new knowledge, earning some pocket money(sikit je pong), improving writing skills, I love blogging because I stand a chance to earn gifts and souvenirs.

Recently I received 4 kad raya from fellow happy bloggers I never met. Jard, dgn duit raya 10 (takyah la ku btau 10 sen ke RM10), Penyu, kad yang comel (bukan kau), Yonna, 100% hand made card, and Hana, kad plus Aloq Staq souvenir and 20 hengget Thailand. Senang nak kawen lari kat Siam nanti.

Thanx guys. Those cards and gifts really are beautiful.

And tak lupe juge Anugerah BONAMA. 2 sets of sim packs. Yeaaaa! ;p. Thanx to Debik. Tak sangke ku akan dapat hadiah juge hanye sbb slogan tuh ehehe. Klu nak tau slogan yang ku buat smpi menang award neh, read my comment here.

Lighting gambo2 neh plak, I learn from Wear. Jard poyo pong buat effect (batu bersurat??) cenggitu gak.

See, who says blogging is a time waste?
  0 comments      Posted at 12:30 PM Tuesday, September 23, 2008
   Career Growth Meter

Check where you stand. I'm currently with 2+ exp ahaha. This theory from my observation so far is very true LOL.

Trimas to Erme for the email.
  0 comments      Posted at 4:38 PM Monday, September 22, 2008
   Virus Nipah
No no this is not virus. It's just that I've exceeded the usage of limited bandwidth provided by the hosting I'm using, Inilaa bahanenye klu pki free hosting yang bandwidth nye 1GB saje:

Igtkan tesalah masok blog td huhu.

The bandwidth will only be reset on the first day of next month. Nasebbaik ku ade backup hosting kat

By the way thanks for your concern.
  0 comments      Posted at 11:40 PM Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bola golf bapak besar.

I was invited to join Iftar organized by Asiaxpress at KGPA. It's good to finally meet my long lost ex-collegues. Cheh padahal baru seminggu tak jumpe. Makan yang best dan byk.

Thanks also for the gifts. Terharuku dbuatnye ehehehe.

On other topic,

The answer of Get The Bug Out contest:

As you see the bug moves up to the left corner again and again. The pattern suggests it keeps trying to go out from that side. So to get the bug out, simply rotate the box 90º counter clockwise to set the open door ahead of the bug.

  0 comments      Posted at 9:45 AM Saturday, September 20, 2008
   Get The Bug Out
I'm giving away RM50 to you if you can help get the bug out.


This contest ends when the next later entry is posted.
  0 comments      Posted at 9:34 PM Thursday, September 18, 2008
   Fake ad3ck
First off, best-nye cuti. Neh baru bangun tido neh. Ape? Korang tak cuti? Hehe padan muke.

Now proceed to what matters. Someone has pretended to be ad3ck and put a comment on my previous post. Here is a part of the comment:

"ok.kekawan seme..atas permintaan ramai,aku sedia belanja korang makan.maklumat tempat dan bila akan diberitahu kemudian.tunguuu"

This is at all, not true. Tolong jangan tertipu. Well in the future if you see other 'suspicious' comment, here is the difference:

Real ad3ck will appear as
Fake ad3ck will appear as

Please note the icon.

Siape makan cili dia tak puase.
  0 comments      Posted at 3:00 PM Wednesday, September 17, 2008
   Google Adsense

I finally made my first $100 of Google Adsense after err..emm..I started blogging since 03/2006. That's more than 2 years. For your information, you can only be paid until you get at least $100 in your total earnings. Lamaaaaaa gile. huhu.

I once had a dream of making b.i.g money online. But for some reasons, I got tired and stopped in the middle of the process of going for the goal.

But Jack Canfield writes
"What You Want Wants You".
"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly".

So, think about it.
  0 comments      Posted at 11:08 PM Tuesday, September 16, 2008
   First Day First
First off, thanks to those who wished for my first day of the new job. They really got me motivated. Thanks again.

As expected, nothing much did I and the other 2 new guys do on the first day, apart from some exposure of organization structure and company business during the brief induction.

Overall it's a new environment to me, everything so far looks well. Semua baik. Friendly boss, siap suruh add YMID dia. I like. ;p.

By the way here's the picture during ex-UiTM together gather buke puase last Saturday:

Yang mane satu aku? Yang paling hensem depan tuh. Thanks to Nani for the photo.
  0 comments      Posted at 9:20 PM Monday, September 15, 2008
   Putra Light Rail Transit System

I will start working at the new place tomorrow. But first day is not what makes me a little nervous here (mgkn da biase sbb esek lompat kerje je). It's instead the new daily routine I'm going to experience.

I've been using the LRT monthly travel cards since September 2005 until August 2008, last month. I've been the LRT regular customer for 3 years.

Starting tomorrow I'm no longer using Putra LRT. And I'm gonna miss it walaupong LRT byk buat problem hehe.

By the way, lepas susun balik monthly travel cards, there's one missing, October 2006. Hmm. Tragedi Oktober kot?

p/s: Doakan ku on my first day. Chuak gak sbenarnye hehe. I may be a lot busier starting tomorrow.
  0 comments      Posted at 8:13 PM Sunday, September 14, 2008
What I did recently?

Friday: Doing medical check up.

Friday: Missing UiTM.

Friday: Filling up the gas tank for the first time after 2 weeks.

Friday: Paying zakat. Just to remind, have you paid zakat? It's easier now that you can pay online ;).

Saturday: Changing Kancil oil, oil filter, air filter, servicing radiator, repairing air conditioner. (err tp bkn ku yang buat laa)

Saturday: Doing Screamyx not Streamyx

Da laa. Nak sambung tido jap.
  0 comments      Posted at 2:30 PM Saturday, September 13, 2008
   A Day Unemployed

Menara Dayabumi, Kuala Lumpur

Today's my last day at Asiaxpress, Pos Malaysia's subsidiary.

Special thanks to:
Puan Raja, the best boss I've ever had.

Nizam, my immediate manager for being such a good supervisor. Man I learn way a lot from him. Programmer paling power ku pernah jumpe so far.

Kak Nina and Kak Fiza, for always being fun and hilarious to me. Aku susah nak buat muke serious dgn dorang. Kak Fiza penah kantol facebook-ing. Kak Nina is the only colleague who reads my blog. ;p.

Rohin and Fatan, geng makan, geng politic, geng debat perdana, geng gosip liar.

Customer Care and Operation yang byk bagi kerja. Sadirah yang suara satu opis boley dengar. ;p.

Geng Finance and Admin yang sering digeruni di awal bulan.

And last but never the least, all.

It's been wonderful to have known every of you.

So Long Asiaxpress.

  0 comments      Posted at 10:50 PM Thursday, September 11, 2008
I had 4 interviews today. But unlike the many interviews I attended before, long ago, this time it's being held in the office. Guess what? I was one of the interviewers.

First time neh. Tu yang excited sangat. Neh gara-gara nak carik pengganti budak yang da nak keluar tuh laa huhu.

Memule, chuak gak beb. Macam ku plak nak pi interview. Lagi2 bile dpt tau 3 of them were born in 70's. Senior semue tuh hehe. But the moment I asked some initial questions, breaking the ice, everything was fine ;p.

Being the interviewer, I learn the many ways of each interviewee answering a question. You can see if they do have the knowledge about it or they do bluff. And the best part is to learn how they manage to answer well even though they hardly know anything about the question. LOL. Yang penting muke kene confident. ;)


"Tell me about your working experience."

  0 comments      Posted at 10:50 PM Wednesday, September 10, 2008
I read my bro's blog. His latest post is about his quite significant losing weight. Ku pong teruje sebab sejak first day puasa ku tak penah ukur berat lagi, lantas pergi kat penimbang and guess what I did?

Berdiri atas penimbang lah.

To my not-so-big surprise, I've lost 5kg.

Ape yang ku nampak di sini ialah ke-beauty-an Ramadhan itu sendiri. Where (or when) else can you find for you to lose your weight without having to pay a single cent?

Penah tengok iklan turun berat? 'Saya dah turun 10kg dalam mase seminggu', 'Pinggang saya dah ramping jadik 25inci' merupekan ayat yang biasa kite dengar. Tapi berapa ratus duit kau habis nak turun berat? Not to mention side effect yang ko akan kene.

In contrary, bulan puasa bukan saje tolong kita turun berat, malah mengajar kita berjimat dan senang kira.

Think about it.

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I was thinking of registering a new domain name in the other post last time. After shortlisting, I've come out with several available names. I'd like to know which of the following domain names do you guys prefer (if you could choose only one of any of these)? (3) Unavailable (15) (1)
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   Samsung LCD TV

I just bought the all new Samsung LCD TV and put it up there so that everyone can watch it. Lawo tak? This tv views all the daily latest news you won't find on your house tv. Tengok-lah. Tengok sampai berpinar mata tuh ehehehe.

Special thanks to the sponsors, Burger King, Honda, Nike, Sony Ericsson, and Rockstar Games.

You cannot change the channel though, I've hidden the remote control.

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   Internet Joke
Customer: "I want to download the Internet. Do I need a bigger hard disk?"

Download the Internet here



  0 comments      Posted at 3:52 PM Sunday, September 7, 2008
   Apple Safari

I was checking my Statcounter statistics when this NEWS: Chrome - Who’s Losing? link caught my attention which reminded me of the Google Chrome I wrote yesterday.

The news presented the Global Browser Market Share stats since 28/9. It listed 4 of the biggest browsers that contribute the most market share. They are Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari.

What the heck is Safari? I thought it was a zoo for many kinds of animals. It's the Apple browser, Safari. Tak pernah dengar dol sebelum neh.

Then I entered to get to know more about it. To my surprise there are graphs that show that Safari is the fastest browser in terms of both HTML and Javascript performance among others. And the website proudly claims Safari as The World's Best Browser.

I wouldn't believe it until I installed it and tried it out.

Damn it's indeed true. Safari is indeed faster than IE and Firefox.

Try-lah Apple Safari. Mantop.

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'You know what the best thing is about the end of a day?
Tomorrow it starts all over again.'
-Wanted (2008)

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   Google Chrome

I dropped by Sue's blog and found out her latest post about the new Google browser, Google Chrome to be quite interesting. To people who stare at PC monitor at least 8 hours a day like me, type of browser does matter.

So I gave the browser a try. Overall it's quite similar to Firefox (which is better than IE ooopss), apart from the incredibly chun and simple interface, and new features like the most visited website thumbnails.

However when I run my friend's javascript enabled web application, the browser's response is a bit slow (if compared to Firefox and IE). Nevermind it's BETA after all.

Cuba-lah Google Chrome.

err ku pong da macam Jard The not so Great tulis pasal entri kawan2. Best gak lol.

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   Where The Hell is Meen?
When I was in Indonesia I thought it'd be great to dance like Matt (Where The Hell is Matt?), it's like hey, why not? LOL. Since I'm not Matt but Meen instead, I've changed the subject to Where The Hell is Meen?. It was fun, thanks to my little nephews Afiq (cameraman) and Amil (co-dancer). ;p.

Blogger video:

Youtube video:

  0 comments      Posted at 12:34 PM Wednesday, September 3, 2008
   Natural Gas for Vehicles
Due to the upcoming job transfer, I'll be using 100% own transport to get to work. This will increase my monthly expenses as the cekik-darah fuel prices never seem to look good. I need to do something about it.

So recently I did a little modification on Kancil. Take a close look at these before and after photos:



Can you spot the difference? Cube tgk betol2 beza kat kereta dlm 2 gambo tuh.

Klu korang tgk betol2, sampai besok pagi pong tak jumpe ape2 ehehe.

Ok2 just kidding. Ku actually tambah NGV(Natural Gas for Vehicles) kat Kancil neh.

RM8 for 150km. Why not? ROI in 2 years.

  0 comments      Posted at 5:19 PM Monday, September 1, 2008

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