Puzzle Mania S2 Terms & Conditions
First off congratulations again to the winners of Puzzle Mania Season 1.

Now welcome to the Puzzle Mania Season 2. I'm very glad to finally begin this ha ha ha.

You might want to consider:

1. The contest is open to all bloggers/readers/whoever you are.
2. It consists of 3 parts. You can only submit ONE ANSWER in a part. More than 1 answers will get you out of the game part. No negotiations.
3. You MUST answer in the comment section. Any answers in cbox/email/SMS won't be entertained.
4. Please INCLUDE your name, at least not Anonymous. But if your name is Siti Anonymous, please tell.
5. First come first serve. If there are many correct answers, who gives the correct answer FIRST will be considered as the winner of the part. Don't blame me if you answer correct in the 87th comment but not considered winner.
6. Very Important (keep this in mind): Be very sure you answer in the right puzzle part which the subject of the post is written as 'Puzzle Mania S2 Part n' with n is the part number (1,2, or 3). Each puzzle part is expired when new post is published.
7. Who wins all the 3 parts will be the PUZZLE MANIA SEASON 2 winner!

Prizes awaiting the PUZZLE MANIA Season 2 winners:
Grand Winner (Puzzle Mania Season 2 winner): Cash prize of RM100.
Part Winners: Mystery gifts.
Consolidation Prize Winners: Mystery gifts.

Tell your friends and family about this. Ask them 'Where else can you earn easy money if not at ad3ck.blogspot.com?' hahahaaha. ;p.

The first part will be up sooner than you think. If you think it's in next year, it may be in this year, if you think it's on October, it may be on this month. If you think it's on next week, it may be on this week. If you think it's on tomorrow, it may be on today. If you think it's on next hour, it may on right NOW! And it's going to be B.I.G. Be prepared.

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