Why Do I love Blogging?
Besides getting to know more friends, learning new knowledge, earning some pocket money(sikit je pong), improving writing skills, I love blogging because I stand a chance to earn gifts and souvenirs.

Recently I received 4 kad raya from fellow happy bloggers I never met. Jard, dgn duit raya 10 (takyah la ku btau 10 sen ke RM10), Penyu, kad yang comel (bukan kau), Yonna, 100% hand made card, and Hana, kad plus Aloq Staq souvenir and 20 hengget Thailand. Senang nak kawen lari kat Siam nanti.

Thanx guys. Those cards and gifts really are beautiful.

And tak lupe juge Anugerah BONAMA. 2 sets of sim packs. Yeaaaa! ;p. Thanx to Debik. Tak sangke ku akan dapat hadiah juge hanye sbb slogan tuh ehehe. Klu nak tau slogan yang ku buat smpi menang award neh, read my comment here.

Lighting gambo2 neh plak, I learn from Wear. Jard poyo pong buat effect (batu bersurat??) cenggitu gak.

See, who says blogging is a time waste?

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