Putra Light Rail Transit System

I will start working at the new place tomorrow. But first day is not what makes me a little nervous here (mgkn da biase sbb esek lompat kerje je). It's instead the new daily routine I'm going to experience.

I've been using the LRT monthly travel cards since September 2005 until August 2008, last month. I've been the LRT regular customer for 3 years.

Starting tomorrow I'm no longer using Putra LRT. And I'm gonna miss it walaupong LRT byk buat problem hehe.

By the way, lepas susun balik monthly travel cards, there's one missing, October 2006. Hmm. Tragedi Oktober kot?

p/s: Doakan ku on my first day. Chuak gak sbenarnye hehe. I may be a lot busier starting tomorrow.

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