Apple Safari

I was checking my Statcounter statistics when this NEWS: Chrome - Who’s Losing? link caught my attention which reminded me of the Google Chrome I wrote yesterday.

The news presented the Global Browser Market Share stats since 28/9. It listed 4 of the biggest browsers that contribute the most market share. They are Firefox, IE, Chrome, and Safari.

What the heck is Safari? I thought it was a zoo for many kinds of animals. It's the Apple browser, Safari. Tak pernah dengar dol sebelum neh.

Then I entered to get to know more about it. To my surprise there are graphs that show that Safari is the fastest browser in terms of both HTML and Javascript performance among others. And the website proudly claims Safari as The World's Best Browser.

I wouldn't believe it until I installed it and tried it out.

Damn it's indeed true. Safari is indeed faster than IE and Firefox.

Try-lah Apple Safari. Mantop.


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