A Day Unemployed

Menara Dayabumi, Kuala Lumpur

Today's my last day at Asiaxpress, Pos Malaysia's subsidiary.

Special thanks to:
Puan Raja, the best boss I've ever had.

Nizam, my immediate manager for being such a good supervisor. Man I learn way a lot from him. Programmer paling power ku pernah jumpe so far.

Kak Nina and Kak Fiza, for always being fun and hilarious to me. Aku susah nak buat muke serious dgn dorang. Kak Fiza penah kantol facebook-ing. Kak Nina is the only colleague who reads my blog. ;p.

Rohin and Fatan, geng makan, geng politic, geng debat perdana, geng gosip liar.

Customer Care and Operation yang byk bagi kerja. Sadirah yang suara satu opis boley dengar. ;p.

Geng Finance and Admin yang sering digeruni di awal bulan.

And last but never the least, all.

It's been wonderful to have known every of you.

So Long Asiaxpress.


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