I had 4 interviews today. But unlike the many interviews I attended before, long ago, this time it's being held in the office. Guess what? I was one of the interviewers.

First time neh. Tu yang excited sangat. Neh gara-gara nak carik pengganti budak yang da nak keluar tuh laa huhu.

Memule, chuak gak beb. Macam ku plak nak pi interview. Lagi2 bile dpt tau 3 of them were born in 70's. Senior semue tuh hehe. But the moment I asked some initial questions, breaking the ice, everything was fine ;p.

Being the interviewer, I learn the many ways of each interviewee answering a question. You can see if they do have the knowledge about it or they do bluff. And the best part is to learn how they manage to answer well even though they hardly know anything about the question. LOL. Yang penting muke kene confident. ;)


"Tell me about your working experience."


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