Fake ad3ck
First off, best-nye cuti. Neh baru bangun tido neh. Ape? Korang tak cuti? Hehe padan muke.

Now proceed to what matters. Someone has pretended to be ad3ck and put a comment on my previous post. Here is a part of the comment:

"ok.kekawan seme..atas permintaan ramai,aku sedia belanja korang makan.maklumat tempat dan bila akan diberitahu kemudian.tunguuu"

This is at all, not true. Tolong jangan tertipu. Well in the future if you see other 'suspicious' comment, here is the difference:

Real ad3ck will appear as
Fake ad3ck will appear as

Please note the icon.

Siape makan cili dia tak puase.

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