A Funk-Tastic Guitar Play
I do think this kid is a great guitar player! The way he plays really doesnt match his age..simply cool..Check out..

And if you check at the youtube, you'll be surprised to see that this vid is the top ten most viewed vid all the time..pekh..memang best..

but hey! I can play even better than him..sajer jer malas nak tunjuk..

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What? you ask me to stop the crap? I tell no lies ok..

You really dont believe a word I just said issit? fine..check out my guitar and you'll believe..

There..my late 80s guitar kapok..it's still singing..it's the first guitar I learn with, and it's the first guitar I know-I-can-play with..tapi kalau tgk ruper dier, raser nak hempuk kat dinding, pijak2 n l8r beli baru jer..hehe..

Ok ok..I take back that "I can play even better than him"..


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