What A Not-So-Good Day
Today (Friday 25/8/06) sucked. that's it..

satu: 9am-12.30pm
no internet connection in office almost a half day..could hardly blog find sources for lotussing..

dua: 6.30pm
maser kat Bangsar stop, was stuck in the lrt for almost 1/2hr, before all the creatures (including me, of course) were asked to get the h3ck out of the train, coz of some technical thing..there was a flash flood at Sri Rampai station that caused the problem..

tiga: 7.30pm
still crowded kat station tuh..aku gi cari surau nak solat Maghrib..sampai kat satu jalan, namer Lengkuk Abdullah kalau tak silap..nampak signboard "Surau Al-Hidayah, Bukit Bangsar, 200m"..*relief*..after a 200-meter walk, I seriously wouldn't believe my eyes..instead of surau, kuil plak kat situ..!Dang!..siap ader bunyi2 loceng plus org jual bunger..wth?..but then jumper surau after tanyer orang..tp bukan kat tmpt yg sepatutnyer klu ikut signboard tuh..pelik, pelik..9.30 sampai rumah..

empat: 11.30pm
it's happening NOW! something's wrong with blogger server.

I cannot even write a post..rite now Im writing the post using Notepad..

12.30am ~ baru bley post..

gotta sleep now..hope that was just for today..

mungkin ader hikmahnyer ~> SABAR :)

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