Be Extra Careful Please
Ok, I was joking in the last post..but not in this one..yer, seriously mean it this time..received an email today about a free comic-like storybook which after thoroughly studying, kids were most probably the target users..found by a person who cares about Islam, this rosak-akidah storybook was distributed at Taman Shamelin Perkasa (according to the person)..the contents were colorful and somehow interesting but heck, those were translations from bibles..

Some of us might see this as a no-big-deal tactical strategy they plan, which wont at all, affect..

Unfortunately, not all of us might..yes, especially kids..I mean malay kids(look at the language they used)..

The followings are some of the scanned pages from that storybook the person attached: (click to enlarge)

the cover page

page 2

page 3

page 4

Yes, do something about it..


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