I had a wonderful Sunday today.

The company I work in organized The Go-Kart Championship at Shah Alam Go-Kart track near Shah Alam stadium tadi. I was one of the 20 racers of men & 11 of women.

At first, I thought keter dia mcm F1 pnye keter hehe. Ternyate tanggapn ku salah same skali. Maklumlaa first time nak gokart neh hehe. Helmet dia pong ku hengat cam F1 punye, tp hampeh bile hanye menggunekn helmet motor haha. Tp sronok gak laaa sbb dpt lumbe legal punye.

On your mark..

Get set..


Marini pong join gak.

In the race of 8 rounds after qualification, ku da dpt no 3 but then in round ke baper tah, ku terbabas!! So I finished the race in the 5th place. Not bad for a first timer kan? (padahal most of the racers are first timers haha)

Jom go kart!


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