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Me is currently busy and will be busy for a while now that the project I'm in will be due tak lama dah. Sbb tue laa smpt lg ku berblog, bace email, tido tghhari n blk awal ahahaha. In the mean time, jom kite layaaan email neh:

* * * * *
Subject: flight 000

A British airways flight is going to Teheran from London . When it gets close to Teheran it starts having some kind of trouble. The pilot contacts the air tower at Teheran airport and asks for help:

"Teheran, this is Captain Smith, British Airways flight 000, do you read?"

"flight 000, dis iz tehran felight contorol, go ahead"

"teheran , this is flight 000, we have a problem"

"dis iz tehran , vat kind of problem?"

"this is flight 000, we have lost power to our engines, please advise"

"dis iz tehran , I reed you, peleez check some things for me, ok?"

"this is flight 000, go ahead"

"dis iz tehran , can you get emergency power to your engines?"

"this is flight 000, negative, no power is available"

"dis iz tehran , can you peleez bering your altitude to 20,000 feet?"

"this is flight 000, negative, our wing controls do not respond"

"dis iz tehran , can you peleez see if you can lower your veels?"

"this is flight 000, negative, landing gears are stuck"

"dis iz tehran , would you peleez repeet thez words after me"

"this is flight 000, go ahead"

"dis iz Tehran , repeat thez words peleez: Ashado ala elahailallah wa ashado an Mohammadan rasul Allah"

* * * * *

Thanx to Aizat for the email.

One more. Take this are-you-really-fasting test. Scroll down after 12pm. Not now.


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