Hacker Test
Got this from an email with a subject of "Hack Google" (or something like that, tak igt ar)

1. Go to Google.com. Click Images.
2. Type "Flower" in the search box (actually any keyword pong takpe).
3. Copy and paste this code in address bar (not in Google search box!):

Cool tak?

Now that I am quite free I spend my time wasting time for things I like. One of the things I would waste time for is hacking. I love hacking. Tp takla terer pong. Biase je.

And just now I found this not-bad-laa hacker test. Tak tau klu korang da penah buat. Try this basic test at hackertest.net. This test only tests your JavaScript, PHP, HTML and graphic skills though. But it is fun. Try it yourself. Ku baru smpi Level 8. Bkn per, da ngantuk mase tuh. Nntla ku smbg blk (alasn da tak leh buat ).


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