Antaradua 2
Thanx for giving opinions in the previous post hahaha. Duadua kaler mndapat undi yg almost sama. But after considering, I decided to pick the black one out.

Now this is another antaradua thing I must choose immediately. Yes, only one of the two. It's more important than those jerseys. It's about my future.

I had a phone conversation this morning and this Company B is offering me a job. The thing is, I've already submitted the offer letter to Company A days ago. And what this Company B is offering is making me think twice. Of course there are pros and cons:

1. Company A is a Berhad, Company B is a Sdn Bhd.

2. Company A offers a position of a team member, Company B offers more on leadership.

3. Both A and B offer salary I expect. And both offer almost similar benefits.

4. Company B is x km from home, Company A is 3x km from home.

Please let me know what do you thiiiiiink!

Question: Kalo da sign/anto offer letter, can I simply (or what should I do to) cancel it?


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