The Interviewee
I had a number of interviews lately. Tak tau le result nye camner. Dari semue interview yang ku pegi neh, I started to learn something new (at least to me). Neh ku nak share ar sket.

Besides making pre-interview preparations like making your resume up-to-date, studying the company's profile like products/solution yang depa wat, or ber-doa, you also need to do well while in the interview.

How? I guess semue da tau basics like brpakaian kemas, be calm, tunjuk baik, yakin and jawab semue soklan yg diberi dek interviewer(s).

But what I'm going to tell you now is a killer way to draw interviwers' attention and at the same time to actually control the interview session. It is by asking questions. Yes, by asking questions. Do ask whenever you feel like asking, bukan mase dia tanye 'Any questions?' je but anytime ko rase seswai nak tanye especially when the conversation stops awhile. You might feel abit nervous/chuak bile nak tanye but once you do it, ko akan rase interview tuh macam ko yang punye. The more questions you ask, the more you feel like controlling the session. Sampai rase ko macam interviewer pong ade hehe. Try it yourself. Bile? Mase ko gi interview lah!


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