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After considering my questionable future in the current company, I decided to leave. Da anto resignation letter weeks ago. Earlier this week, the new offer letter was ready and I will be at the new place on 1st of April.

Semlm pegi HR dept company baru. I usually take public transports to get to office but I drove yesterday. Lepas anto offer letter ku brgegas ke opis agak lambat but luckily ade parking free kat luar tepi jalan.

Parking free. siape tak nak? In fact, you also get free sticker if you park your car there the whole day. Check out my car:

Dont worry the sticker is gummed using Gam Cap Gajah so tak trcabut walaupong hujan/angin kuat.

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Igt senang nak cabot? Kene pki air pastuh gosok kuat2 br ilang.


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