2 Round Bowling
We, the Songees, spent last Sunday hanging out bowling at Gagal Berjaya Times Square, thanks to Suzi, the organizer. The place's quite convenient and what's more important to me personally is the spacious hall with dozens of lanes. Bukan per, kalau bola masuk longkang tak ar jadik tumpuan ramai ngat hehe.

Me releasing the ball. Gaye tuh da ade (ade ke??) tapi hampeh esek masuk longkang je.

It's been a long long time since the last time ku main bowling. Dorang pong sama. So we agreed to go for another round. The next day bkn main lenguh lagik bkn tangan je malah satu badan.

Err larat ke tuh Teep? ;p.

The participants - Meen CR, Teep, Marini, Fieda, Suzi and Kamarul.

We had a great time there. Jom Bowling (kalau berani)!


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