Lately ku sering merase lapar semacam. Biasenye waktu petang, mase balik kerje. It's not that I don't eat while working, in fact ku biase sangat mengepow makanan rakanrakan sekerje selalu gak makan utk alas perut. But I still get hungry especially while on way back home.

Mase neh tgh lapo yang ampoooon

I quite months ago felt the same thing (lapo melampau) which after having a checkup, I was actually suffering from Gastric, it's a kind of cancer, ku pong baru tau after doing a little research. More about Gastric

So just nak share, some of the symptoms I was experiencing:
1. Kite akn berase lapar yang amat sangat tetibe.
2. Selalu berase sakit bhgn upper abdomen (atas perut).
3. Sampai satu tahap tak lalu makan, kadang2 muntah.

Of course one of the ways to prevent Gastric cancer is by managing your waktu makan.

So kesimpulannye, klu ku pow makanan engko tuh ade sebabnye ehehe.


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