3 on Friday
1 Arituh ko amek gambo ku tido ye? overdose clorets ye? arr yang neh gambo ko mase overdose pengat pisang yang client provide tuh. padan muke ehehe.

Erme tido tak cover.

2 She(bkn Erme!!) and I watched Jumper yesterday. It's all about this character having an exeptional ability of teleporting anywhere he wants. A group of Paladins is hunting him (and people like him) and killing em for some reason. The story is about how he survives and how he manages to save the ones he loves. Best. 3.7 bintang.

3 I thought Company B I talked about days ago has cancelled the offer of employment to me. Yesterday they called me and confirmed the offer letter. So I claimed it this morning and told them to decide later. Sekarang ku dalam dilema balik!!


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