Semlm Teep teman ku pegi survey tmpt keje baru. I mean tmpt keje yang still lagi under consideration. Company A. Located at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), the place is about 1 km away from the nearest LRT Star station, Bukit Jalil. It takes about 1 hour gak laa dari rumah ke situ klu naik public transport. LRT Putra ~> LRT Star ~> Feeder Bus. !dang!

Company A

Eh, silap..

Enterprise 4, where Company A is at.

We then went to Sg Wang and guess what? I bought a W580i which i've been looking for quite some time. Tau, dulu ku ade ckp nak pki Butterfly tuh smpi 20 tahun. Bkn takmo, tp phone tuh esek buat problem je. Smpi ade skali tuh:

in a phone conversation
bunyik pelik *krek krok krek*
member: apasal phone ko neh ade bunyi bising2?
ad3ck: err mane de, ok je? tah2 phone ko yang rosak.
member: !dang!

Padahal mmg betul hphone ku yang bunyi ehehe.

I decided to buy then.

Love this new monster

Love this one oso. Sentimental tuh ;p.


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